30+ People Reveal What It’s Like to Live With Real Savages

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Living with another human being is fun, but it can also be a trying task. Whether they’re your roommate or your significant other, you’re bound to bump heads from time to time. Maybe they used up all of the hot water this morning or forgot to take out the trash yesterday. Either way, these small missteps are a normal part of cohabitation.

1. “The roommate moved out and left this...”

2. “The way my roommate cuts pie...”

3. When you ask your roommate to change the paper:

4. “The roommate and his girlfriend did this.”

5. Some roommates just want to see the world burn...

6. My boyfriend used my bobby pins as Q-tips.

7. Who needs a cutting board when there’s a counter to ruin?

8. One roommate, a dozen toothbrushes

9. This dish was hidden like this under foil.

10. “I pulled 2 pounds of ramen out of the garbage disposal.”

11. 5 days and counting

12. “How my roommate fills up the ice tray”

13. “Whatever my roommate does to our plastic wrap tube”

14. “When I let my roommate borrow a tub of perfectly smooth butter”

15. “Dude...”

16. “My side of the room vs my roommate’s”

17. Roommate vs toothpaste

18. “My roommate eats peanut butter like a psycho.”

19. “Told my roommate to have a slice...never again.”

20. Some roommates have too much energy.

21. “My roommate’s way of opening cleaning wipes”

22. This man ties bread bags so tight, his wife has to tear them.

23. “My husband is technologically challenged.”

24. “The husband preheated a plastic cutting board.”

25. “He opened both and used some of each for one recipe.”

26. “At this point, putting it in the trash is easier.”

27. “My husband refuses to finish a bar of soap.”

28. Who needs a coaster when your husband has an iPad?

29. This wife likes to step on her husband’s toes.

30. Some better halves think only the first half of a pack of gum is worth their time.

31. My boyfriend’s feng shui in the cupboard

32. This boyfriend likes to live on the edge with his cup of coffee.

33. Cats aren’t good roommates either.

34. “My husband bought memory foam for his side of the bed.”

35. “My boyfriend...”

36. Dear wives, don’t eat donuts this way!

If your roommate is driving you a little nuts, don’t let your blood boil. Instead, grab your phone, take a picture of it, and humor us all by posting it in the comments!

Please note: This article was updated in January 2023 to correct source material and factual inaccuracies.
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those noodles are just ewww.. I imagine how they start smelling after some time.. ?


people who live in such messy rooms.. how? How is this even possible? You don't feel disgusted or out of space?? ?


feels like they are used to live in such mess from their childhood, and can't imagine living without it..


What really drives me crazy is #6, my husband puts EVERYTHING off like this, whether full or empty. How many times have I thrown down his cellphone because I overlooked it? .... And second, the toilet rolls, he leaves a single sheet of paper on the roll so that it is not empty and he does not have to replace them. All men seem to have that habit!!! Grrrr....


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