5 Beauty Products That TikTok Users Are Going Crazy About and Where to Buy Them

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TikTok never stops inspiring the world with its awesome (and sometimes crazy!) videos that can go viral in mere seconds. When popular makeup artists use unusual techniques or products and they show them in action on TikTok, chances are, the next day hundreds of their followers will search the internet wanting to buy the same products and try them out. Amazon is following all of the hot TikTok trends, and here you can find the beauty products and tools you’ve seen in the videos of your favorite beauty bloggers.

1. Ice globes for facial massage that can help you get rid of fine wrinkles, tighten the skin, reduce pores and stimulate blood circulation. Before use, put the globes into the fridge for 10-15 minutes to let them cool and get some pleasant “me” time, making your skin more beautiful and glowing!

How it works: When you do a facial massage using these globes, they stimulate blood flow, reducing dark circles and puffiness, and adding a glow to your skin, making it look fresh and beautiful. The globes have special handles that will protect your hands from the cold. You can use the globes together with cream, oil, or facial masks to make the result even better.

Promising reviews: Very pleasant to use, so relaxing, and I did notice an improvement in my under-eye bags after about a week of use. I use this along with anti-aging cream and serum, I feel my skin is smoother. @Karine Corkery

Love the branding and this product works really well! The balls are pretty big, so it’s really easy to go all over the face! It’s super nice to use these in the morning, face straight away looks much more energetic. Packaging is nice and came well-protected, plus you get a nice carrying bag for them. Good product! @Vytautas Sulcas

Buy the ice globes on Amazon HERE

See a similar item in action on TikTok

2. A silicone exfoliating lip brush that is capable of making your lips fuller and smoother in practically no time! The brush is gentle enough for daily use, and you will get 4 brushes in 4 different colors in the package. The non-irritating silicone that these brushes are made of is safe to use and easy to clean.

How it works: Apply some lip scrub, gently exfoliate your lips with the brush in circular motions, and let the little bristles do their work! Wipe your lips clean with a tissue afterward.

Promising reviews: Wasn’t sure if these would be any good but they are fab. Been so conscious of yucky chapped lips in winter (no amount of lip balms works!). Used these with and without a scrub and the results are brilliant. I’ll be keeping one in my bag when out and about. They are individually wrapped, so that’s great for hygiene. I thought they would be tiny but they are a bit bigger than expected. @lee

These lip exfoliators are great for keeping your lips smooth. However, I think for the best effect you need to dampen them with water and use them with a lip scrub. I’ll exfoliate my lips before going to sleep and in the morning, and it makes lipstick application much better the following day! @Amna

Buy the exfoliating lip brushes on Amazon HERE

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3. A triangular powder puff that will help you apply makeup evenly, leaving a smooth surface instead of creases. This puff is suitable for both wet and dry makeup products and you will get 2 puffs in the package. The puffs come with straps for an easier and more comfortable grip.

How it works: If you often notice creases under your eyes and in eye corners when you apply makeup, this powder puff can become a real game changer for your makeup routine. Use it to apply powdered or liquid concealers and see the difference! The triangular shape helps the puff to distribute the product on your skin more evenly and helps your makeup look flawless!

Promising reviews: After seeing those viral powder puffs on TikTok, I wanted to give them a try so I found these that are as good as the ones that everyone’s talking about! Absolutely worth it, make my skin look poreless. @Giacomo Tesserin

I saw a makeup artist using these on TikTok, so thought I’d give them a go. Initially thought it was another TikTok gimmick but let me tell you... Using these powder puffs has made my makeup look FLAWLESS. My concealer usually creases under my eyes but my under eyes literally look airbrushed... all day long. I’m obsessed. @Jessie Smith

Buy the powder puff on Amazon HERE

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4. Kabuki makeup brush that will guarantee your makeup ends up even, smooth, and flawless thanks to its diamond-shaped design. Its soft bristles provide a perfect distribution of makeup products on your skin. The brush is suitable for both professional makeup artists and beginners!

How it works: Use this brush to distribute your makeup products (BB cream, liquid foundation, blush, concealer, etc.) on your skin for a flawless result. The brush is also super easy to clean and it comes together with a protecting case that will keep your brush protected from dirt and bacteria.

Promising reviews: Brilliant product, so soft, and works exactly as advertised, don’t need to use half as much foundation as it spreads it beautifully! May even purchase another one! Absolutely love it! @Rachael C.

I’m not one for writing reviews but I bought this makeup brush and it’s absolutely amazing! I have been trying to find a foundation that doesn’t look cakey, etc., but I think all along it was the brush I needed. I will never use anything else again, actually. Just ordered 2 more in case they sell out. @Jackie h

Buy the makeup brush on Amazon HERE

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5. Magnetic face mask that can work miracles on your skin and turn your skincare routine into pure fun! The anti-aging formula of the mask will nourish your skin and improve its ability to heal itself. The magnetic mask also helps clean clogged pores and remove excess oil, making the skin look smoother.

How it works: Apply the mask onto your face following the instructions and let it work for about 5-10 minutes. Cover the magnet (it is included in the package) with a piece of tissue, move the magnet over the surface of your skin, and see how the mask gets “caught” by the magnet and removed from your face!

Promising reviews: I love this, it is fun to do! It smells amazing and leaves the skin feeling soft!
It can be a bit messy trying to put it on but fun using the magnet to remove the mask. @Steffi

Well, all I can say is amazing! Used this on Saturday, just to see what it was like and I’m hooked! You put it on just like a normal face mask, leave it on for 5-10 minutes (I left it on for 7 just to see how quickly it came off), and then, after covering my magnet with a tissue proceeded to remove it. It came off so quickly and easily. It was a bit unnerving to use a magnet to take off the face mask, but after it was all off (I had to change the tissue a few times), I massaged in the serum that was still on my skin and it felt so smooth. I’ll definitely use this again, wonderful! @Susy S-Harris

Buy the magnetic face mask on Amazon HERE

See a similar item in action on TikTok

Have you ever bought anything inspired by TikTok or other social media? If yes, what was it and were you happy with the purchase?

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