5 Beauty Secrets From Ancient Egypt That Are Worth Giving a Try

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Both men and women in Ancient Egypt followed a beauty regimen, and taking care of their skin and hair was an essential part of their daily lives. Although most of us know that the ancient Egyptians took good care of their appearance, it may surprise many of us that we can still use some of their beauty practices.

Here at Bright Side, we decided to uncover some of the beauty secrets that allowed the ancient Egyptians to achieve flawless looks.

1. Opt for oil-based makeup.

The ancient Egyptians applied makeup to adorn the eyes and protect them from the sun. They used eyeshadows made of powdered malachite mixed with vegetable oils, and many companies now make products that are oil-based. Because it has powerful hydrating properties, oil-based makeup can help you keep your skin young for longer and achieve a show stopping look.

2. Pamper your skin with milk and honey.

Cleopatra, the legendary Queen of the Nile, used milk and honey to keep her skin youthful. Including these easily affordable ingredients into your skincare routine might help you achieve flawless complexion. Honey has powerful antibacterial properties which may help you keep acne at bay, and milk can effectively hydrate and soothe your skin.

3. Use henna to fight dandruff.

The ancient Egyptians used henna on their hair, and this natural hair dye has many other health benefits. Because it has antifungal properties, henna can help you get rid of dandruff and prevent hair loss. It can also keep your hair soft and shiny and prevent premature hair graying.

4. Take a scented bath instead of using deodorant.

Although commercials are trying to persuade us that using deodorant on a daily basis will help you avoid unpleasant body odor, doing so can actually cause your armpits to smell even more. Because most antiperspirants kill bacteria in your armpits, it causes other bacteria to multiply, which might lead to an even stronger smell. The ancient Egyptians practiced scented bathing to avoid unpleasant body odor, and because bathing doesn’t pose any health risks, it might be worth giving it a shot.

5. Use oils to combat wrinkles.

Oils have powerful hydrating properties, and the ancient Egyptians used them to keep their skin young looking and prevent wrinkles. Even if your skin is oily, making moisturizing a part of your skincare regimen might help you look better. Many natural oils, such as coconut oil, can hydrate wrinkled skin and prevent premature aging.

Are you following any of these beauty routines? Have you heard of any other beauty secrets of the ancient Egyptians?


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