6 Ways Using a Face Roller Can Transform Your Skin

3 years ago

Victoria Beckham has made a jade face roller part of her daily routine. She says it helps her spread her mask around after she puts it on her face. As it turns out, this little gadget offers major health benefits and may be one of the secrets to flawless skin.

We at Bright Side have also seen face rollers on our Instagram feeds and we decided to find out how this tool can benefit the skin.

1. It makes your skin look brighter.

Using a face roller improves blood circulation in the face, making your skin more radiant. A group of researchers measured peoples’ cheek blood flow, and it increased after just a 5 minute massage with a roller.

2. It minimizes puffiness.

Massaging your face with a roller may also help de-bloat the face. It stimulates lymphatic drainage and decreases facial swelling, like for example eye bags.

3. It soothes your skin.

Face rollers made of jade may cool the skin on contact. Jade is one of the only gemstones that remains cool when applied to the skin, and it can calm sensitive areas of the face.

4. It may help clear the sinuses.

Sinus congestion happens when fluid becomes trapped in the sinuses, making them feel blocked and painful. Massaging your face with a roller gently moves the lymph and may provide relief from this condition.

5. It distributes skincare product.

Facial massage is an efficient anti-aging strategy and can amplify the effects of your beauty products, according to a study. Face rollers help spread it evenly onto your skin, which is recommended by skincare specialists.

6. It can contour the face.

The roller can temporarily shape your face. Rolling the tool up at an angle and then pushing it downward by the ear helps to drain fluid from the face. It helps direct excess fluid to the lymph nodes, making your skin look firmer.

Are you using a face roller? Have you noticed how it affects your skin?


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I can’t remember the last time I’ve seen Jennifer Anniston that dark of brunette, but I already have liked her skin. I also finally got an answer to which gemstone to use, Jade. Thank you! Cooling is very good for my sensitive skin!


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