7 Things That May Cause Dark Spots

3 years ago

When it comes to skin issues, one of the most frequent problems is dark spots. There are many things that can cause this, from sun exposure to genetics. And since we can’t change our genes, there are a couple of things we should pay attention to in order to perform the proper self-care.

Sometimes we focus on treating dark spots but forget to pay attention to what’s causing them. Here at Bright Side, we’d like to enlighten you about the reasons why you get dark spots and how to avoid them.

1. Indoor lights

Few people know this, but exposure to lights inside your own house may lead to dark spots. That’s because visible light or fluorescent light can influence the skin’s hyperpigmentation. This kind of light is present in computers, TVs, and even smartphones.

To prevent it, use sunscreen on a daily basis when initiating your skincare routine.

2. Picking at your acne

Seeing an annoying zit on your skin evokes an almost irresistible urge to start picking. While the desire to pop it may be irresistible, it’s very important that you don’t. The reason for this is due to inflammation, which can cause the skin to produce melanin, resulting in dark spots and even scars.

To prevent it, consult a dermatologist to understand the cause of your acne and how to best treat it.

3. Skipping sunscreen

It’s common knowledge that we should wear sunscreen when going to the beach. Some of us know that sunscreen should be used daily (even indoors). But the problem is, few people know that sunscreen should be reapplied every 2 hours.

Considering that most dark spots are caused by sun damage, always wear sunscreen, starting in the morning.

4. Not removing nighttime treatment

If you ever go to a dermatologist appointment and complain about dark spots, chances are, they’ll suggest using products for nighttime treatment. Some products, especially acidic ones, have the potential to clear blemishes but also irritate your skin, causing dark spots.

If the acid in your nighttime treatment has the potential of irritating your skin, don’t forget to remove it by washing your face in the morning and then applying sunscreen.

5. The combination of lemon and sun

There are many natural home remedies that include lemons as recipes for clearing dark spots on the skin. But what people forget is that lemon juice, when in combination with the sun’s radiation, may actually cause dark spots or make them worse. This is called phytophotodermatitis and is caused by substances such as furanocoumarins and psoralens when they come into contact with sunlight.

To avoid this from happening, always thoroughly wash the lemon juice off your skin.

6. Using too much hydroquinone or retinoic acid

There are some beauty products that contain hydroquinone and retinoic acid that are meant for the treatment of dark spots. Problem is, using them for too long and in high concentrations may worsen your skin instead of clearing it.

With that said, always consult a dermatologist to understand how to correctly use these products.

7. Pregnancy

Hormone waves happen during pregnancy and are totally natural. These hormonal changes may cause something called “chloasma” or “the mask of pregnancy.” Fortunately, these dark spots tend to fade once the pregnancy ends.

In order to prevent this from getting worse, always wear sunscreen.

Do you have dark spots on your skin? How do you treat them? Do you think you’re getting your dark spots because of one of the reasons listed above?

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