8 Creative Options for Those Who Want to Replace Their Ordinary Curtains With Something Different

2 years ago

Day after day, we try to make our homes more comfortable and spend a lot of time and energy on them, from buying new kitchen units and repainting the walls, to purchasing a small accessory for your bedside table. And there is always a fresh alternative to many interior items. For example, you realize that painting the walls is more to your liking than using wallpaper, or a simple mattress on the floor is more comfortable than a large bed.

At Bright Side, we paid attention to a certain interior element that you can find in any home — curtains. And we had an urge to find out whether there were any other options apart from the standard curtains. So we searched the internet thoroughly and found a few very creative ideas. In the bonus section, you’ll find a win-win tip for how to leave your window without curtains at all.

It just so happens that some people can’t hang ordinary curtains for various reasons. For example, a person could be allergic to dust, and heavy curtains, as a rule, are dust collectors. Sometimes curtains don’t fit into your interior, or you may have a cat that likes to climb your precious curtains. But it’s so great that there are many cool substitutes that will also look good on your windows while still giving you a sense of privacy.

1. Stained glass windows

Of course, not every window can be made with stained glass. But if there is an opportunity, why not use it? This option is perfect for small windows on the sunny side of the house. Stained-glass windows make the interior feel cozy and make the room look bigger.

2. Plants

This solution is good for those who like to surround themselves with the freshness of indoor plants. Of course, only heat-tolerant plants are suitable for being placed in windows. But even the hardiest plants may not do well in direct sunlight, so this alternative to curtains will only be relevant for the windows on the shady side of your home.

3. String lights

Who said that you could only decorate windows with string lights on Christmas? Actually, windows decorated with lights can please the eye all year long. You can choose the color, brightness, length, or number of strings to your taste.

4. Lace

This option for decorating your windows is suitable for those who like to make beautiful things with their own hands. The coating can be easily removed and reinstalled, it doesn’t damage the glass, and it’s environmentally friendly. Besides, it’s quite easy to do: you just need tulle, starch, and water.

5. Frosted glass or film

This solution is good for those whose windows overlook a neighboring house, for example. It’s also a great option for bathrooms. A sufficient amount of light passes through the frosted glass so that the room is well lit, and curtains are not necessary. However, you won’t be able to admire your surroundings through this glass. And if you don’t want to take risks and have to change the glass, you can purchase a plastic film that can be attached to the window glass.

6. Decorative film

This is an easy and cheap way to cover the glass without using curtains. Window film comes in various shapes, colors, and sizes — from very small and modest ones, which will cover only a small part of the window, to bright and full-sized ones. For a nursery, they could have cartoon characters, for a bedroom, they can have a neutral pattern. And when you get tired of the pattern, you can always replace the film.

7. Macramé curtain

It seems that this type of window decoration hasn’t gone out of fashion at all. If this alternative suits your interior, then we definitely advise you to try it, because it’s totally unfair that very few people are able to admire this beauty on their windows now. You can buy a ready-made macramé curtain, or you can make one yourself — as a more interesting alternative.

8. Cat beds

Everyone knows that cats love to climb higher and sleep in the sun. So why not combine these 2 factors and arrange this kind of bed for your pet? You can even have several beds. Or more, if you have more than one pet, because there can never be too many cat beds. And no more curtains are needed either because your windows will look great with this functional decor.

Bonus: A wide windowsill

If you enjoy sitting by the window with a cup of tea and a book, then this option is definitely for you. Sometimes it’s worth taking the risk of leaving the window completely open without framing it with any curtains. You can make a large, wide window sill, where you can sit or even lie comfortably. This solution will look especially good in your interior if your window is large enough and overlooks your own patio or garden.

Do you have curtains at home, or do you use alternative options? If so, share them in the comments below.


a window in my room is also wide, I placed a plaid there and often take books to read on it. When it's sunny then I love to enjoy the world

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