8 Funny Kitchen Utensils That Will Be Extremely Helpful

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An average family spends around 400 hours in the kitchen per year. Imagine how delightful it is going to be if you surround yourself with objects that can bring joy into your life. And when it comes to cooking, nothing makes us smile more than a funny-shaped kitchen gadget. So check out our list of hilarious kitchen utensils for something to chuckle about while you cook or clean up after mealtime!

1. Microwave cleaner angry mama to help with dirt and speed up the cleaning process.

The mixture of vinegar and water will boil when the microwave cleaner Angry Mama is inside the microwave, loosening the grease, so you can simply wipe it up. The Angry Mama can even remove stains that are concealed in the tiniest of crevices.

  • A must-buy. I’ve seen these before and never bothered as I just clean my microwave if I have a spillage, but I have my own cleaning business, so I thought I’d give it a go. I left our microwave after it had been used a lot, so it was really messy. The pictures speak for themselves. It’s a must-have, no more scrubbing. @Leacy-Kelly

2. These cherry measuring spoons & an egg separator can become really useful in any cooking process.

Measuring your food can help you create the desired taste, look, and texture of any meal you prepare.

  • Retro kitchen heaven. I feel really guilty not giving these 5 stars because I love them with all my heart. They look fantastic in my retro kitchen and bring a smile to my face when I use them. I was super impressed that the leaves are egg strainers. It’s like getting an extra kitchen tool for free. They are as durable as plastic measuring spoons can be as well. However, because I use Amazon reviews when buying products, I want to try to be as helpful as possible, even if it’s just a minor thing that may not matter to most.
    So, ideally, I’d change 2 things. 1. The heart shape is definitely cute, but I think the traditional round shape would actually have been cuter. That’s one of those minor details, unless you have a personal vendetta against heart-shaped objects. 2. I wish they were stainless steel. I just prefer stainless steel for kitchen tools because of its durability and ease of cleaning. That being said, I’m totally aware that if they were stainless steel, the product would be different. For example, the color vibrancy would significantly change.
    All in all, though, if you are considering that hearts and plastic are a non-issue, look no further. If you are really specific about your kitchen tools, these would be perfect just as kitchen decor or for kids to use as their own personal kitchen tools. In conclusion, it’s highly likely you need these in your kitchen and should buy them immediately. @empress awesome

3. This snail soap dispenser will bring joy to your dishwashing process.

Florida State University did an experiment where they split a group of students and asked half of them to focus on a meditation process while they were washing dishes and the other half to not wash dishes while meditating. That’s when they discovered that washing dishes could decrease nervousness and increase mental inspiration. Imagine how much joy this snail dispenser can also add to this process.

  • Exactly as described. Perfect. This snail was a surprise for my mom. I snuck into the bathroom and left it for her to find — she loved it! And figured out what it was pretty quickly. It looked exactly like it did in the pictures and worked flawlessly.
    The soap dispenser under his shell and out of his mouth is the same color as his body, so it is very discreet. However, I can imagine it would be less discreet if you used a garishly colored soap. Also, his eye stalks (tentacles) are rubber and wobble when you touch them! @Amazon Customer

4. Using this potato scrubber to clean up is fun and enjoyable.

The importance of vegetable brushes in the kitchen is underrated. They actually don’t work to your advantage until you discover that your vegetables are covered with filth. It simply takes a few minutes for them to make your vegetables look spotless for your next dish. They are excellent at what they do.

  • Fun and functional. He may look cute, but this little guy is great for cleaning up spuds. He looks good on display, along with my little carrot man (the “Veggie Dude Brush”), and is fun and functional. Who wouldn’t want him in their kitchen? Fast delivery, a good price, and as usual, excellent customer service from Amazon. @Happy Snapper

5. Cat cheese grater, looking good and doing its best.

Ideal for all of your cooking needs. Grate veggies that are soft or hard, including zucchini, cauliflower, cabbage, carrots, and onions. It can also be used to grate oranges, lemons, and other citrus fruits, as well as apples, coconut, chocolate, bread, almonds, and other nuts. The cat shape not only looks cool, but also gives you something comfortable to hold.

  • A quirky gift for cat and black cat lovers, it arrived so quickly. It wasn’t given as a gift, but it looks pretty cool to me.
    Arrived so quickly and looks really cute.
    I have black and other colored cats, and I think this is just a quirky gift for someone who doesn’t need anything, but who will want it once they see it. @Its real

6. Pineapple ice bucket, good for any kind of beverage and looks cute on a table.

Guests can enjoy icy drinks at their convenience because the ice bucket is simple to set up on a bar table. And your kitchen table will look stylish because of its fancy and funny shape.

  • Nostalgia. I see a lot of bad reviews here. Is it a lot of money for what it is? Yeah, it sure is. You wouldn’t pay this for a plastic ice cube holder in any other form, but you’re paying for the nostalgia.
    I wasn’t expecting a realistic replica pineapple. I was expecting the pineapple that sat on my mom’s fridge in 1978 when I was a kid. I have wanted one of these for ages. Whether it’s worth the money depends entirely on why you’re buying it. I hope this helps. @ Anna

7. Al dente timer to hear your pasta at the perfect condition, and add the music in your cooking process.

Use this special kitchen equipment to dependably and confidently prepare al dente pasta. Simply throw the pasta timer in the pan with your pasta and listen for him to start singing a tune when it’s time for your pasta to finish cooking.

  • Clever and whimsical. This hilarious little character floats upright in the boiling pasta water and, at prescribed intervals, tinkles the next in a series of 4 tunes loosely associated with pasta. It is not really loud, but if you turn down the TV, you can hear the recognizable melodies. I was a bit skeptical about plopping an electronic toy into hot water, but it was not a problem. He has accompanied my pasta-making the last 2 evenings, much to my amusement. I love this gift. @Jmb1014

8. Pot Watchers to prevent mess and lower cooking stress.

Prop open pot lids to let air through and allow steam to escape freely. Put them onto the rim of the cooking pot to prop open the top and let steam out of the pot as your food cooks. They are incredibly effective at dissipating heat from cooking pots, allowing the hot contents to cool more quickly.

  • Love these! I bought them on a whim for my mom and ended up buying some for myself too. It’s a simple and cute solution to keep pots from boiling over. I’m not sure why it asked about suction on the review because they slide securely over the pan edge. @LizB118

What is your favorite gadget in the kitchen?

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