8 Items on Amazon That Can Make Ordinary Things More Remarkable

7 months ago

You can save up to 30 minutes per week by pre-stocking the bags you use with essentials like lip balm, hand sanitizer, a pair of headphones, and mints. Or up to 56 minutes per week by creating a cereal or coffee bar in the kitchen where you keep all the essentials in one place. These little things can not only upgrade your daily routine, but they’ll also infuse it with a little excitement and delight. There are many distinct products on the market that could help turn the ordinary into something extraordinary, and we found the ones that seem just right.

1. Add a touch of Bohemian style to your look with a macrame bottle holder. Not only does it look stylish, but it also can easily protect your bottle.

This flexible accessory will help you carry your water bottle stylishly while keeping your outfit looking put together. Additionally, they are excellent for traveling because they’re lightweight and durable.

  • Love it! So happy! My crystal bottle! Fits perfectly into this beautiful, knitted holder. It’s sturdy and fits around my body nicely, making me feel confident that my glass bottle won’t break and giving it extra protection. I’m super happy with my purchase. @Chad Echevarria

2. The rotary candle holder is the perfect finishing touch for your decor. It creates a magical atmosphere that is eye-catching and creative.

These decorative pieces are designed to rotate when the candle is lit, creating a stunning and enchanting visual display. With a light style and design, it can easily complement your home decor and personal taste.

  • Delicate and pretty. I love this! It’s so peaceful to watch and spins so smoothly. I’ve seen expensive versions. This looks expensive, and it makes a beautiful gift! It sparkles. Very happy with this purchase. @Kristin Phillips

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3. Stay refreshed and keep your hands free with this stroller cup holder—the perfect match for long walks.

This handy accessory can easily attach to most strollers and provide a safe and convenient place to hold drinks and your phone while on the go with your baby. It eliminates the need to hold drinks separately and prevents the spills and messes that could occur if drinks were placed in the stroller basket or on the handlebar. The stroller cup holder comes in various colors — meaning you could also add a pop of color. It’s a must-have for any parent who wants to make their stroller trips more comfortable and hassle-free.

  • True to the picture. It’s almost cartoonish in the green, but it was cheaper and seemed fun. I like that it makes it easy to spot my stroller parked with others. My son likes bright colors, so I figured it would entertain him as well.
    It does take some fiddling with to get it on the handle to use, and it only really works well on the sort of flat side rail, otherwise it doesn’t feel secure. The phone part easily fits my Galaxy S20 FE with a medium-thick case. Happy with what I got. @Elizabeth

4. With the bike phone holder, you’ll never miss a turn or text again.

Bike riding is a popular form of exercise and transportation, and with the growth of cycling apps and GPS technology, having your phone within reach when riding is essential. However, this can make potential moisture, like rain, a problem. As a result, a waterproof cycling phone holder is a must-have device for every biker.

  • Couldn’t fault this! 10/10 recommend. This product exceeded my expectations. It’s very well-made, easy to use, and a great value for the money. The screen is very responsive from underneath the plastic cover (I took my phone case off for it to meet the plastic better, but you don’t have to do that).
    Plenty of space for my gloves, etc., which also lifts the phone up closer to eye level, making it easier to read your route. The visor is also helpful with the sun, and it comes with a little cover if the rain gets really bad, but honestly, you’re fine without it. @Tamsin

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5. Click & Carry, it’s the solution for those who don’t want to go back for bags over and over again, or who just want to free up their hands.

Anyone who wants to make their everyday errands more convenient and comfortable should consider using click and carry. It’s ideal for grocery shopping, laundry day, or any other activity that necessitates the transport of large bags. Whether you’re a busy mom, a college student, or someone who simply wants to make your life easier, a click and carry accessory is a must-have.

  • Very useful. I bought this mostly for my elderly parents, who don’t like to pull carts and still buy using bags. It helps them a lot.
    And for me too... it’s really as described, and it also sits well on the shoulder. Very useful for those who don’t like tearing their hands up with plastic bags. It’s also very durable and outperforms the plain Chinese alternatives I’ve had. @eladk

Get the Click & Carry now

6. Prevent disaster with an automated fire extinguishing system—the ultimate in-home defense!

This candle snuffer ring that fits around taper candles is an easy and safe way to extinguish a candle flame without risking burns or causing harm to your furniture or surfaces. It’s simple to use and has an antique and elegant look.

  • Very handy gadget. Lightweight, very inexpensive, and it does exactly what it says on the label. Very pleased with the item. @JACARANDA

7. This Mason jar lid keeps your drinks fresh and mess-free — the ideal thing for on-the-go refreshment!

Mason jars are a great way to enjoy your favorite beverages, mixes, or smoothies, but they can quickly make a mess and be hard to use. These lids are a simple and practical solution to this problem and help keep your drinks fresh and effervescent for longer.

  • Why did I not buy these sooner? These have been such a great addition to my kitchen. I collect Mason jars and ended up with so many, and having small grandchildren sometimes means opening glasses is not a good decision. I purchased these, and everyone loves using them. I am now able to utilize my Mason jars in a good way. One of my grandchildren can now take his drink with him because if the top is placed correctly on the jar, there are no leaks.
    My grandchildren love that they came with a carabiner. They carry them around with them. I can now utilize my jars as shaker jars as well. I took some shaker balls out of some plastic shaker cups (and I do not use plastic but got these with an order of health products) and placed them in a couple of jars, and now I have a Mason shaker for my shakes and supplement drinks. I also store my half-and-half in one of these tops. Just pop the top-up and pour my coffee.
    As I stated, using these lids with your everyday Mason jars opens a whole new way of using them. Not just for canning items anymore. If you enjoy using Mason jars, these will be a wonderful addition to your collection. You will be able to utilize your Mason jars on an entirely new level. We love ours and will be ordering more. @Alaja64

Get the Mason jar lid now

8. An adjustable phone strap is a minor but significant addition that can ease up your lifestyle. Minimize the risk of dropping or losing your phone.

This strap keeps your phone within easy reach while freeing up your hands for other duties. It is especially beneficial for people who are frequently on the move or who need to keep their phone nearby for professional purposes. Furthermore, the adjustable designs of both straps ensure a comfortable fit for any cross-body or wrist size. With the phone strap, you’ll have easy access to your phone whenever you need it.

  • Great! I wasn’t sure what to expect from this, but I was going kayaking and am not the most coordinated at the best of times, so I knew I would lose my phone if it was just down to me. It came with 2 flexible plastic things that slot behind the phone case, and they were a lot stronger than expected!
    I had one on my phone for about a week, constantly playing and pulling it, and it didn’t break or feel weak at all. The actual straps are great — they came with one for wrists and a longer one for around the neck or cross-body. They were easy to resize and use, and since they are rounded, they are comfy on the back of the neck. @Amy B

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