8 Kitchen Gadgets That Will Help You Fall in Love With Cooking

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Cooking burns approximately 150 calories per hour, helps you relax after a busy day, and saves money on eating out. And even if you’re not a fan of cooking, choosing the right kitchen utensils might make you change your mind. There are lots of useful and easily affordable kitchen essentials on Amazon that will help you add some fun to your kitchen.

1. Meat shredder claws that are made from durable BPA-free material and easily stand high heat. They’ll allow you to shred an 8-pound roast in under a minute and will save you time in the kitchen.

Having meat in your diet provides you with protein and minerals that are vital for your health. Medical experts recommend limiting processed meat products such as sausages or salami because they are high in fat. Cooking meat at home allows you to get much-needed protein, save money, and enjoy restaurant-quality food. These meat shredder claws are ideal for picking up and carrying hot foods and are much more effective than standard meat forks.

Promising review: My family made fun of me for buying these but I find they’re so much easier to use than two spoons. I don’t see them laughing as I serve my delicious pulled meat though, do I? @Sarah Mattina

Buy these meat shredder claws here.

2. A garlic crusher that is ergonomically designed for pressing garlic cloves. You can easily add some flavor to your food and keep your hands odor free.

In addition to being super healthy, garlic can be used to repair glass, fight acne, and remove splinters. But if you want to use it in a more traditional way, then this garlic press is your kitchen must-have. It allows you to chop garlic in no time and is super easy to clean.

Promising review: This makes life so much easier! Good sturdy product and comfortable to hold/use. Highly recommend! @Gemma Craig

Buy this garlic press here.

3. A food chopper that allows you to cut food into equally sized pieces right in the pan. It has no sharp edges or moving parts and is safe for anyone to use.

Cooking with your kids actually helps them to make healthier food choices, according to a study. Many parents worry that using knives is unsafe for children, and a food chopper might be a better choice. Made from food-safe nylon, it easily chops meats, vegetables, and eggs and is a perfect cooking tool for kids.

Promising review: Brilliant little utensil which should be in every kitchen! Fantastic for chopping mince in the pan (I can’t stand big lumps), but also useful for mashing, stirring and making pastry! @Rachel Bee

Buy this food chopper here.

4. A popcorn maker with built-in handles that allows you to effortlessly remove it from the microwave. The bowl is collapsible and saves you much-needed space in the kitchen.

Popcorn isn’t just a delicious movie snack. In fact, if you eat it every day you might forget about constipation and even have more energy than usual. If buying popcorn often may be quite pricey, making it at home is healthier and easily affordable. All you need is a microwave and a bright popcorn popper that will add a splash of color to your kitchen.

Promising review: I love popcorn and I was sick of making it over the stove. There’s a bit of a learning curve to how many kernels/how long to pop it. I ended up with waaaaay more popcorn than intended the first time. But it was well popped, nothing burned, and the bowl is very easy to clean and store. I’m definitely a fan! Now I just need to accept that I can’t have popcorn for dinner every night... @Amanda

Buy this popcorn maker here.

5. A pasta maker that can turn your kitchen into an Italian restaurant. You can easily make spaghetti, noodles, and lasagna and surprise your guests.

If you’re a pasta fan, we have good news for you. Enjoying your favorite dish might actually help you lose weight and keep your blood sugar under control, and it makes a perfect quick meal. Making pasta can be even easier with this roller which has adjustable thickness settings and allows you to make wide fettuccine, narrow spaghetti, or a large dough.

Promising review: I purchased this as I wanted to start experimenting with making my own pasta. The dough was extremely easy to make and only took 5 minutes. I then gradually rolled the dough to thinner and thinner sheets using the roller portion of the pasta maker. The pasta only took a couple of minutes to cook and tasted great. @Jack

Buy this pasta maker here.

6. A chocolate fountain that is easy to set up and clean. You can make chocolate-covered fruits and marshmallows in no time and add a delicious touch to your next home party.

This fountain can melt chocolate in minutes and will make a perfect gift for anyone with a sweet tooth. In fact, the seller is so confident that you will love this product that he gives a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Promising review: This chocolate fountain is amazing. It did the job perfectly well. I used it for my husband’s birthday and everyone loved it. Just make sure you turn it on a few moments before your party. @Amazon Customer

Buy this chocolate fountain here.

7. A heat-resistant silicone spoon rest that is designed to hold spoons and other kitchen utensils. This BPA-free kitchen essential is perfect for any cooking space and will help you keep your kitchen mess-free.

Cooking tools made from silicone are comfortable to use and easy to clean, but make sure they’re made from BPA-free material. Exposure to BPA on a daily basis might affect your health in many ways, including high blood pressure and heart diseases. This spoon rest is free from harmful BPA and made from 100% food-grade silicone, which makes it a useful and durable kitchen utensil.

Promising review: So good I bought two! My son and daughter think these are a great idea and use them all the time. @Kindle Customer

Buy this spoon rest here.

8. Adorable silicone ice cube molds that can make your home party even more fun. It’s made from pliable silicone material, which makes it super easy to remove the cubes.

Adding some ice cubes to your water can transform it into a health-boosting drink, improve your recovery after an intense workout and even help remove toxins within your body. Plus, these fun ice cubes make a great conversation starter for any home party.

Promising review: Bought this as I am a dachshund owner and lover. Can say it makes the nicest little sausage-shaped ice cubes. This item also came quickly in the post as well. Would recommend. @Caitlin H

Buy these ice cube molds here.

Do you like cooking? Which of these items would you like to add to your kitchen?

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