8 Signs People Might Be Taking You for Granted

3 years ago

If you always give 100% be it in love, friendships, or work but find yourself getting way less than what you truly deserve, it might be time to review your relationships. The feeling of being underappreciated can lead to stress and bring you down by messing up your daily life.

Bright Side found 8 signs that will help you identify whether or not you’re being taken for granted by others.

1. You feel a need to point out your qualities.

When people feel insecure, they tend to point out their good qualities in order to remind themselves of their worth. Sharing your stories or experiences with others brings others closer to you, which may be why you feel the need to talk about yourself.

2. You’d rather have someone say “I love you” with their actions.

If every time someone tells you that they love you, you find yourself wishing for their words to match their actions, chances are you’re being taken for granted. Their words seem empty to you and you’d prefer it if they’d make you feel wanted instead.

3. You’re made to feel that your goals are not that important.

If your partner’s dreams are everything and yours rarely bear any significance, it’s not a good sign. This generally happens when the other person is insecure or only cares about themselves. They fear your goal might change you so they start discouraging you for selfish reasons.

4. There’s a huge gap between what you give and what you get.

The balance of giving and receiving by both people in a relationship is what makes it stronger. If you’re simply giving and the other person keeps receiving, chances are they’ve stopped appreciating the things you do for them.

5. In the absence of contact, you feel sad but the other person doesn’t.

For any kind of relationship to sustain, there needs to be 2-way communication. If you’re often ghosted or ignored by your loved ones, it means they don’t really value your presence in the first place.

6. Everybody just expects you to help them out.

When you’re always there for people, they start assuming you’ll be there in the future too. And when you try to say no, they point you out as the selfish one. Setting boundaries that are clear and making your worth known is crucial.

7. Your important days are often ignored or forgotten by others.

Everyone is busy in their individual lives and may sometimes forget about your birthday, anniversary, etc. However, if this has become a pattern and you feel as if they ignore you on purpose or make it sound like it’s not that big of a deal, they’re definitely giving you way less love than you deserve.

8. You find yourself envying people with good relationships.

Low self-esteem and seeing others with things you don’t have is a recipe for jealousy. Feeling envious when you see other people treating their partners with kindness is normal when you don’t receive even the bare minimum.

Can you relate to any of the points above? Are you the kind of person who goes out of their way to help people or are you able to say “no” to them?


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