8 Signs Your Face Is Starting to Age Faster Than It Should

3 years ago

While we accept the reality that our skin will age through time, it’s possible that signs of skin aging can already show up during our twenties. Most of these physical changes are harmless but they can make us feel uncomfortable and even affect our confidence. Changing our lifestyle and habits as soon as we detect early signs of skin aging means we can enjoy our youthful looks for longer.

Bright Side wants to keep your skin healthy and learned about what to look out for to know if your skin is aging early.

1. You have little bumps on your face.

These tiny bumps are called milia, which are small white bumps that usually appear around the nose and cheeks. They can develop when our skin begins to lose its ability to exfoliate. Excessive use of products like steroid creams can make our skin age faster and cause milia.

2. Your lips are getting thinner.

If you notice your lips start to thin out in your twenties, then it’s possible that your skin is aging more rapidly than normal. The main reason could be a decline in collagen in your lips. It can also be caused by dehydration, frequent use of straws, excessive sun exposure, and a lack of vitamin C.

3. Your skin gets damaged easily.

Our skin might also be aging faster than we think if we get bruises that seem to mysteriously appear out of nowhere. This happens because our skin has become thinner than normal, making it more prone to bruising and slower wound healing. Moisturizing the skin frequently can help prevent this.

4. The texture of your skin becomes papery.

Prolonged exposure to the sun without sunscreen is a major reason why this happens. The damage is due to the breakdown of elastin, which allows our skin to stretch and return to its normal position. Those who frequently use tanning beds are also more at risk of this happening.

5. Your eyelids start to droop.

You might need to stop rubbing your eyes more than usual if you notice that your eyelids are starting to droop. Also known as ptosis, droopy eyelids can also occur with frequent use of rigid contact lenses or can be an effect of recent eye surgery.

6. The tip of your nose has changed in shape.

For most people, a change in the shape of the nose naturally occurs in our forties. Unfortunately, skin aging due to the harmful effects of the sun can make this happen sooner. This can cause distress for most of us. Thankfully, modern rhinoplasty procedures are minimally invasive and have consistent, natural results.

7. You see a lot of red moles on your face.

These red moles are also known as cherry angiomas and are commonly found in people older than 30, with an increased occurrence in those who are over 40 years old. These red spots aren’t harmful, but there are options for those who want them removed, like cryosurgery and laser surgery.

8. You have puffy eyes that never seem to go away.

It’s easy to overlook this one as we usually dismiss puffy eyes as a normal occurrence that starts in our twenties and not as a sign of rapid skin aging. Another reason for having puffy eyes, aside from lack of sleep, is fluid buildup around our eyes. One of the ways to make it go away is to cut out salty foods from our diet to prevent increased water retention in the eye area.

Which of these have you noticed on your face? What steps do you take to prevent your skin from aging?

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