8 Ways to Make Your Hair Look Gorgeous

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3 years ago

Almost every girl faces this complicated problem: should she wake up earlier to style her hair or sleep a bit longer and do a basic ponytail? We suggest that you no longer choose between these options: now you can have enough sleep and wear the perfect hairstyle!

Read our tips to see how to work with both long and short hair.

Bright Side loves things that make our lives easier, which is why we’ve collected some time-saving hair tips that will help you look gorgeous in the morning.

8. Use silk pillowcases.

If you want your hair to be gorgeous without putting in any effort, replace cotton pillowcases with silk or satin ones. They absorb moisture slower and their smooth surface will reduce rubbing, helping you to “save” your hairstyle. Don’t believe us? Check it out.

7. Make a topknot.

To get a beautiful and simple hairstyle, tie your slightly wet hair into a high ponytail at the top of your head, wrap it around, and tuck the ends underneath after it’s gone all the way around. The hair will dry anyway and you’ll get voluminous hair. It’s also recommended to use a smooth hair tie. For more details, click here.

6. Use hairpins.

You don’t have to perm your hair if you want it to be curly. Before going to bed, apply some hair setting lotion. Then divide your hair into sections and twist each lock around a pin. If you have long hair, you can also use bobby pins to secure the hair. All the steps are explained here.

5. Use a scarf.

If you’re tired of your fluffy hair, before bedtime, moisturize and brush your hair and wrap it with a satin scarf. It’ll prevent your hair from rubbing, and you’ll wake up with a beautiful hairstyle. See an example here.

4. Make 2 buns.

Apply some oil or conditioner to your slightly wet hair and divide it into 2 sections. Wrap your locks around your finger and dry with a hair dryer. Make 2 loose buns behind your ears and secure them with pins. In the morning, let your hair down and apply some texture spray.

3. Replace hard accessories with smooth ones.

To make curly hair, try to use simple pieces of fabric instead of rollers. Separate your hair into sections, twist them around strips of fabric, and tie the fabric strips. In the morning, remove the strips and apply some hairspray. For more information, click here.

2. Make cocoons.

Another method to get curly hair is to make cocoons. Separate your hair into sections and apply some hair gel. Then twist all sections and secure them with pins or hair ties. Watch the video here.

1. Use the correct hairbrush.

So as not to ruin your hairstyle and make it look gorgeous again, use a brush with different types of bristles. For more information, click here.

Bonus: How to cut short hair at home

First of all, get your hair ready by washing and drying it.

Then you have to comb your hair into sections (see the picture above). Follow these steps:

  • Divide your hair into 2 sections at the top of the head where it begins to round.

  • Comb 1 section down from the crown of your head to your forehead and comb another section from the crown of your head to your neck.

  • Then lift the hair at a 90-degree angle and cut the section that extends to your forehead. Continue cutting hair until you’ve trimmed the entire front and back sections.

  • Then part your hair down the middle and trim the sides of your hair carefully using the same method.

Which tip did you like the most? Share your own beauty secrets with us in the comments.

photographer Roman Zaharchenko for Bright Side


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