9 Absurd Reasons Why People Decided to Divorce

As a rule, we think that only serious issues like cheating or constant fighting should make people consider divorce. But sometimes couples decide to break up because of really weird and even silly things.

Bright Side has collected 9 absurd yet real reasons that have caused people to get divorced.

9. Social media

We spend a lot of time on social media sites nowadays. But some people just get crazy about that. For example, a woman from India decided to divorce her husband after he didn’t change his relationship status to married on Facebook.

8. Dirty dishes

How often do you fight with your beloved because of dirty dishes? Could you imagine that a dirty cup might be a cause for divorce? Matthew didn’t believe it either. But his wife left him because he used to leave his cups by the sink. She thought it was a sign of indifference and her ex-husband says, “Every time she’d walk into the kitchen and find a drinking glass by the sink, she’d move incrementally closer to moving out and ending our marriage. I just didn’t know it yet.”

7. Ignoring texts

Next time you decide to read a text message and not answer it, think twice since it may be used against you in court. A woman from Taiwan divorced her husband because he didn’t reply to her messages after reading them. She even showed her texts as proof that he had been ignoring her.

6. Bad table manners

A Kuwaiti woman filed for divorce after only being married for a week because she discovered that her husband prefers to use bread rather than a fork to eat peas. The woman said that she was shocked by his poor manners.

5. Laundry

A football fan divorced his wife because of a laundry issue. He used to collect soccer players’ autographs on his t-shirt and his wife decided to wash this t-shirt. As a result, all the signatures faded.

4. Makeup

Just a few days after his marriage, a man dumped his wife after he saw her without makeup. The 34-year-old man believed she didn’t look as pretty as before the wedding. He accused the 28-year-old woman of deceiving him by using so many cosmetics, including fake eyelashes.

3. Cleaning

In 2009, A German woman divorced her husband after 15 years together. She says that she was fed up with him cleaning all the time. She thought she had grown accustomed to this quirk of his, but when he knocked down and rebuilt a wall at their home when it got dirty, she realized that she’d had enough.

2. Love letters

In Italy, a 99-year-old man decided to end his marriage of 77 years. He had found letters that his wife had written to a secret lover in the 1940s. The wife tried to save their marriage and persuade her husband to stay but he had already made his final decision.

1. Phone nickname

In 2009, a Saudi woman divorced her husband of 17 years when she learned about the name he was calling her. Once, she looked through the contacts in his phone and came across her number stored under the name “Guantanamo,” a military prison in the United States. The woman was offended and immediately asked for a divorce even though he said he thought it was funny and just a silly joke. But unfortunately, he couldn’t convince his wife.

Do you think these reasons are strong enough to get divorced? Share your opinion with us.

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