9 Mistakes That Not Only Damage Our Clothes but Also Ruin Our Washing Machine

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It might seem that there is nothing difficult in using a washing machine: you just put some clothes, washing powder, choose the right mode, and voilà. In fact, that is a big misconception. This product is quite temperamental and a wrongly chosen washing detergent or its incorrect amount can cause a bunch of unexpected trouble, from ruined clothes to having to call the repair service.

We at Bright Side decided to study what widespread mistakes almost each of us makes, without even guessing about the long-term negative consequences.

9. We use washing capsules for small loads.

Washing capsules take the first place in terms of convenience. They are simple to use and store, and consist of a perfectly measured dose of detergent.

However, it’s in the last point where some significant drawbacks are hidden. One capsule is designed for at least a medium load of the washing machine. It means when adding it to small loads we create an extra effect of chemical detergents both on our clothes and the washing machine. It can form excess sediment inside the latter, and damage the pumps and the motor.

8. We forget to air the machine.

When we close the door of the washing machine right after taking clothes out, we leave it in a state of increased moisture. This, in turn, creates a perfect environment for mold and bacteria growth. Therefore, it is better to make sure to leave it ajar for 15-20 minutes, or even help it dry faster by wiping the surface with a cloth after washing.

7. We use powder detergent instead of a liquid one.

We should admit that washing powder is perfect for removing hard stains, that’s why using it in some cases is quite sensible. However, in other cases, liquid washing detergent wins over it.

First of all, it is better for the preliminary processing of stains. Secondly, it leaves fewer traces on clothes. And, thirdly, it is safer for the washing machine thanks to its better solubility properties compared to washing powder which can clog the system.

6. We add washing detergents right on top of clothes.

Adding a washing detergent right on top of clothes (especially when it is washing powder) is a bad idea for 2 reasons. Firstly, the washing machine is designed in a certain way for a reason. It releases the detergent at the right moment and when this sequence is broken, it simply might not dissolve fully. It leads to the second negative factor: the detergent might remain on the clothes and leave white stains and stripes on them.

5. We actively use fabric softeners.

The advantages of using fabric softeners are the aroma and the softness of clothes. However, that’s where the benefits end. Technically, fabric softeners don’t contribute to a better cleaning of the clothes.

On the contrary, they are re-soling your clothes with petrochemicals. Moreover, the washing machine gets soiled too. Fabric softeners can contribute to the growth of mold and clog the washing machine and the pipes.

4. We add the insufficient amount of washing detergent.

We have already mentioned the consequences of using an excess amount of washing detergents in the point about washing capsules. However, it doesn’t mean that adding a small amount of washing powder saves our clothes. On the contrary, a small amount of washing detergent won’t wash clothes properly. It’s logical that you’ll be washing them more often, which, in turn, will reduce their lifespan.

3. We don’t remove fur from clothes before washing them.

If there are animals in the house, it is quite natural that clothes often turn out to be abundantly covered with their hair. But one shouldn’t put them into the washing machine this way as it can damage them. The thing is fur gets accumulated in lumps while washing, which might clog the drainage system and even the motor, and end up with it breaking.

Therefore, it is better to play it safe and spend a couple of minutes cleaning clothes with a sticky roller before washing in order to avoid the hassle and costs associated with repairs.

2. We put wet clothes into the washing machine or into a laundry basket.

Moisture creates a perfect environment for mold growth. That’s why it’s better to fight the temptation to put wet towels or sweaty sports clothes into the laundry or into the washing machine for too long before another washing cycle, but rather find time to hang and dry them if you are not going to start the washing machine in the near future. This will help you to avoid the appearance of unpleasant smells and won’t make the condition of your clothes worse.

1. We ignore the existence of wool balls for drying and fabric softening.

We should admit that fabric softeners are more popular, that’s why many people use them, while only a few know about the existence of woolen balls. This is quite unfair because they don’t carry any disadvantages like clogging of the washing machine, allergenicity due to fragrances, and reduced tissue absorbency that fabric softeners have. A good-quality set of woolen balls dries, softens, and prevents clothes electrification as well and will serve you for 1,000 washing cycles.

What common washing mistakes could you include in this list?

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