9 Reasons Why Sleeping in a Cold Room Is Better for You

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Sleeping in a hot room not only makes us uncomfortable and sweaty, but we also miss out on a lot of benefits that we could get just by sleeping in a cold room. Setting the temperature to around 65°F could make all the difference between a poor night’s sleep and a night of peaceful sleep.

Bright Side wants you to make the most out of your slumber, so we listed some of the advantages of making your room cooler when you go to sleep.

1. It helps us to stay fresh and youthful looking.

Sleeping in a room with a lower temperature promotes the production of melatonin, also called the body’s “sleep hormone.” It is also an antioxidant, which means it serves as an anti-aging hormone for the body.

2. It could help prevent insomnia.

Studies point out that several forms of insomnia are actually associated with higher body temperatures. Many insomniacs have difficulty regulating their body temperature, limiting their ability to lose heat. By making our bedrooms cooler, we can aid our bodies in cooling down and help induce sleep.

3. It keeps the stress away.

Higher temperatures mean that the body releases more “stress hormones” called cortisol. A cooler room can help keep our cortisol levels in check, and that means less stress and a better quality of sleep.

4. It decreases our risk against certain diseases.

Sleeping in a cool room can lower our chances of developing metabolic diseases like diabetes. It also improves our growth hormone levels that help prevent heart disease, depression, and obesity. The increased melatonin also lowers our chances of getting Alzheimer’s disease.

5. It can result in deeper and uninterrupted sleep.

When we are in a deep sleep, our body does essential tasks like cellular repair and memory consolidation, but is unable to regulate our body temperature. An increase in the temperature can wake us up from our deep sleep, so being in a cool room decreases the chances that that will happen.

6. It prevents yeast infections.

Women can prevent yeast infections by sleeping in a room that is a lower temperature. Bacteria and fungi like to live in warm and moist environments, so keeping the room cool will stop them from spreading like wildfire overnight.

7. It may also help improve male fertility.

This is because prolonged exposure to heat can affect male fertility in a bad way. Sleeping in a cold room, along with wearing loose underwear, can prevent this from happening. If you’re planning on making a baby anytime soon, this is another reason to lower that thermostat.

8. It keeps the “bad” fats away.

Sleeping in a cold room can improve our body’s metabolism, activating our “brown fats” that burn calories from our body. It could also help eliminate unwanted fats from our body, which can result in weight loss.

9. It can help relieve pain and inflammation.

Just like putting ice or a cold compress on a swollen or inflamed area of your body, sleeping in a cold room may have a soothing effect that can aid against pain and inflammation, which could otherwise interrupt your sleep. This could be part of the reason why many athletes prefer to sleep in a cold room after a game.

Do you prefer to sleep in a cold room or a hot room? Why?

Please note: This article was updated in January 2022 to correct source material and factual inaccuracies.
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Sadly, it's not always our choice on the temperature of the room ':D
sadly I live in a country which has hot weather almost the whole year... so the number of cool nights a year is very low. it's hard to cool down a room even with AC, and it's not good for your health to leave it the whole night :(

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