11 Snacks That Will Indulge Your Wildest Cravings

11 months ago

The durian fruit stinks so bad that it was banned. It is not welcome on airplanes, hotels, or mass transit in some cities in Southeast Asia. People say that it can smell like Limburger cheese, but the taste is like banana-lemon custard.

We are still on the fence about whether or not you should try the real durian. But for now, you can check out this fruit in the form of candy, among other quite interesting things that each foodie should try at least once!

1. Popping jelly candy. Join the challenge called “hit or miss” with this fruity snack.

The product comes in different flavors: strawberry, sour apple, pineapple, grape, and orange.

*Note to be careful when biting down these jelly-filled snacks.

Promising review:

Wanted to write a review on these, because after looking at other reviews I almost didn’t order.
These came in the mail pretty quickly. I put them straight into the fridge since we live in hot weather. They are much bigger than I thought! Came with more than I thought too!
Kids loved them, pineapple was their favorite! Pretty pricey, but happy we purchased it since it made the kids very happy. — Michael richardson

2. Grilled seaweed rolls. This funny-shaped product comes in different flavors: kimchi, squid, tom yum, spicy clams, BBQ, and original — pick your favorite.

The product has a nice flavor and is very addicting. A portion comes in its own individual packaging and is great to bring places. It is only 10 calories each.

Promising review:

I love the flavor, and I always grab one if I need a snack. — yesenia morales

3. Vegan jerky. This plant-based protein energy snack will keep you going!

This nutritious product comes in many tasty flavors and convenient single-serve packaging. Vegan product.

Promising review:

My favorite vegan jerky. The hickory flavor is my top choice. The texture is good. Less than 100 calories make it a decent option for snacking. — Angela

4. Fruit jelly cups that are like 50x better than they have any right to be. Delicious fruits in the fruit-flavored gel. Yum!

You can choose from mandarin in an orange-flavored gel, peach combined with strawberry or watermelon jelly, and mango in a mango-flavored one. This product is an excellent source of vitamin C, which will help support your immune system. It is also kosher and gluten-free.

Promising review:

Worked perfectly for my daughter’s class! First Graders loved the mixer and teachers loved that juice didn’t get flung all over! — Cammy

5. Spicy tempura seaweed. The snack is super crispy and is best served with your favorite drink.

Seaweed is grilled at a suitable temperature to maintain the quality of the product as well as the nutrient. Then it is coated with a unique sauce.

Promising review:

I don’t eat super spicy foods often, so this definitely had a nice kick but the flavor is so amazing you really don’t notice it. If you love spicy foods or are very tolerant then this shouldn’t phase you. It would be equivalent to trying Tabasco sauce. The only thing I dislike is that there is only a handful of chips in the bag. Great if you’re watching your weight but for the money I wish there was more. — Briana B

6. Differently-flavored peanuts. Sweet and spicy or bold and savory dry roasted peanuts? Pick your favorite!

An airtight jar and a resealable lid keep the snack fresh and delicious. You can have 16 servings per container. This delicious protein snack is great for those keeping kosher.

Promising review:

I just got this jar of peanuts today, and I’m already addicted. The flavor is perfect: salty and savory with just a hint of kick. It reminds me quite a bit of that well-known cereal snack mix. If you’re looking for something spicy, these are pretty mild.
Great for kids or adults. They’re slightly messier to eat than, say, honey-roasted peanuts where the flavoring is more of a hard coating. This is more of a powdery coating but really doesn’t shed too badly. Definitely recommend! — C Mc

7. Weirdly-flavoured jelly beans. This snack is combined with a very fun game.

Have fun spinning the wheel and tasting weird (or not) flavors. These jelly beans come in 20 variants: 10 tasty flavors and 10 odd and wild ones. The product is kosher.

Promising review:

Great, but disgusting! I bought these as a prank for my 7-year-old and husband. It was super fun and super gross. Each bean actually tasted like what it said and most were ssso nasty 5 ⭐ Great gag gift. — avorie

8. Brining raw probiotic sauerkraut. The product is made with beets and jalapeños.

This product improves your digestion and immune system. It is low in calories, high in fiber, and rich in nutrients. Ships fresh.

Promising review:

Tasty! So good, enjoyed it so much. — DRG

9. Durian-flavored candy. If you are not yet ready to try durian itself, try its light candy version with a very authentic taste.

This product makes a great gag gift. Some may enjoy it and think that it tastes like any other candy, while others may hate it and immediately spit it out. But no one will be left indifferent!

Promising review:

Was not what I expected. I have heard durian flavor described as rotting flesh, poop, vomit, and shoe leather. After tasting this durian-flavored candy, the husband said he could eat it, but it would not be his first choice. My sister spat it right out and said it was minerally and sewer-like reminding her of the old plumbing. To me, it was nice and tasted like a regular butterscotch candy.
I guess it really depends on your taste buds. It’s like how some people feel cilantro tastes like soap and some (like me) think it is delicious and leafy and love it in a taco and salsa. Fast shipping, good price, and good for a new experience and laugh if nothing else. I personally think it tasted like any other candy, but you buy your own and see for yourself. — Kindle Customer

10. You can easily get hooked on these delicious goodies. Freeze-dried Skittles candy is going to surprise you with its light and airy texture. So crunchy!

A bag is full of differently-flavored, perfectly freeze-dried Freetles balls. Come in nice minimalistic packaging.

Promising review:

I was just doing my usual shopping on Amazon and thought about trying freeze-dried candies. This is soooo good. Omg! Interesting texture. Highly recommended. The only complaint is the broken freetles on the bottom but that’s from shipping. Just. Get. It. — Guia T.

11. Maple syrup with sparkles will make any meal brighter. The product is infused with edible pearlescent mica to bring a shimmering quality.

Use this syrup for pancakes, waffles, french toast, and fresh fruit. It is a perfect natural sweetener that is rich in antioxidants, minerals, and nutrients. Suitable for all ages.

Promising review:

The perfect gift for the person in your life who never likes any gift — plus if they don’t like it you get to keep it for yourself! Takes some shaking but it is REALLY sparkly. Also, it’s high-quality maple syrup with a strong flavor and the sparkles don’t change the texture at all. — A person

Don’t be afraid to taste new flavors — experiencing new things is what makes our life spicy. We hope you liked our picks and wish you to continue your journey of exploring different delicious products whether they are sweet, sour, or even weird-tasting.

Bright Side gets commissions for purchases made through the links in this post. Reviews could have been edited for length and clarity.

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