A Dog That Was Born With Only 2 Legs Gets a LEGO Wheelchair and is Happy As Never Before

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The life of Gracie, the puppy who faced rejection until she finally found a loving family, is worth learning about. Going through hardships in the hope of finding someone who will fiercely love and accept you the way you are is not only pup-related. Let’s take a look at this dog’s story.

She was abandoned and left on the street.

When Gracie was born without front legs, her family decided they did not want to help her deal with her special needs. Instead, they left the poor puppy to face her fate. Later, Gracie was found outside a vet’s office. She was covered in maggots and had missing fur around her eyes, paws, and tail.

Soon she was moved to a rescue center.

The vet got in touch with Mostly Mutts, a Kennesaw, Georgia-based animal shelter, and they agreed to take care of the helpless puppy. The Turley family, who runs Mostly Mutts, immediately fell in love with Gracie. They had intended to find her a good family, but they soon realized they didn’t need to look very far because they wanted to adopt her into theirs.

She found a loving family shortly after.

The Turley family didn’t believe that being different made Gracie any less deserving of love, even though her original family had rejected her due to her disability. They adored her for who she was — a wonderful, joyful, friendly pup. They loved her for who she was — a wonderful, cheerful, friendly pup.

Because the Turleys already had experience with animals with special needs, Gracie immediately got used to her new home. She even found herself a few furry friends who showed her that her disability didn’t have to hold her back.

The puppy soon surrounded itself with beloved friends.

They were both joyful, loving dogs who were overjoyed to have a baby sister, even though her new brother was paralyzed in his hind legs and her new sister only had 3 legs. Tammy Turley, Gracie’s adoptive mother, thought it would be safer and preferable for her to get a wheelchair, even if she could move about using her back legs. The only issue was that Gracie still had a lot of growing to do and would need a wheelchair that could be adjusted to suit her growth.

A 12-year-old volunteer came up with a plan to help her.

In light of this, a brilliant idea was hatched, and Dylan, a 12-year-old volunteer with Mostly Mutt, was asked to construct Gracie LEGOs’ wheelchair. The experiment was a success, and Gracie was happy zipping about on her new wheels after a little learning curve. Dylan was happy to build her a taller wheelchair when she outgrew the first one. He ultimately created 3 wheelchairs for the growing puppy.

Dylan’s diligence and her new family’s love and support have allowed Gracie to flourish, and her Facebook page is overflowing with lovely images showcasing her blissful new life. And now that she has finally finished growing, she has even gotten a proper, adult forever wheelchair.

Gracie’s first family rejected her for her disability and believed it made her unworthy, but the Turley family accepted her for who she was. We too think that everyone is beautiful in their own way, and nothing can ever stop one from shining. Gracie’s story shows us that the bond between humans and animals is without borders.

Do you have a puppy? What makes them unique? Tell us more in the comments!


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