A Common PLANT Nearly Killed Kaley Cuoco’s Dog, and Now She Wants Everyone to Be Aware

11 months ago

Kaley Cuoco just revealed that her rescue dog was days away from dying due to a hazard that can be found in everyone’s home. The 37-year-old actress is now spreading awareness so this doesn’t happen to anyone else’s furry friend.

Kaley Cuoco has always been a huge dog lover.

Kaley and her partner, Tom Pelphrey, are proud dog parents who can’t stop growing their furry family. In early 2021, Cuoco’s 14-year-old dog Norman passed away, which left her broken-hearted. Still, they had a beloved chihuahua named Dump Truck, who lit up their life for 2 years after Norman’s passing.

Sadly, in late May 2023, Kaley announced they had lost Dump Truck. The family’s biggest solace was that they adopted another chihuahua, Miss Opal, a month before welcoming their baby girl, Matilda. Kaley and Tom also rescued a chihuahua named King, who has unfortunately had a rough couple of months.

She wants to send a warning to all pet owners.

The Flight Attendant star recently took to Instagram to share King’s health problems and warn everyone about what happened to him. She revealed that her dog had been “violently ill” for 2 months before they could figure out what was happening to him. Kaley wrote that nothing was helping him, and the whole situation was extremely stressful.

Finally, the vet figured out that a foxtail plant had made its way into King’s body and was “days away from piercing his heart.” The pup had to undergo extensive surgery to remove the foxtail. Cuoco is telling everyone to take care of their pets because foxtail is very common, nasty, and tough to heal. Luckily, King is doing much better now.

What you need to know about foxtail

Foxtail is a common weed that can be easily found outside and brought into the house. It can get lodged in your pet’s toes, ears, or even eyes. Due to its sharpness can make its way inside the pet’s body and travel within it, reaching important organs. The body can’t fight foxtail and requires surgery to remove it.

Make sure to thoroughly check your dog in the summertime to prevent foxtail dangers. And to stay even more alert, check out more common plants that can cause a lot of trouble for your pet.


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