A Famous Brand Launches Wedding Sneakers for Brides Who Hate High Heels, and It’s Time to Kiss Sore Feet Goodbye

4 years ago

Converse launched a line of wedding sneakers that became instantly popular. It is no wonder — over the last year the amount of brides that searched for personalized wedding sneakers increased by 61%, according to research. The coolest thing about this is that brides don’t have to choose between comfort and beauty — in the new collection there are shoes for every taste.

Here at Bright Side we always vote for comfort, so when we see a cool trend that makes the big day easier and more enjoyable — we just can’t help but share it with you.

Wedding sneakers are a hot trend!

Sneakers seem to be an incredibly popular choice over high heels, and some celebrities also support this trend. For example, Hailey Bieber wore a luxurious gown and custom sneakers while partying with Justin Bieber at their wedding.

Serena Williams also combined her wedding dress with Nike sneakers and still looked gorgeous.

Choosing sneakers over heels has several advantages.

There are definitely a lot of perks to choosing sneakers over heels for your wedding — first of all, on that day, you’ll probably need to move a lot and blisters are not quite what you want to think about during the celebration.

Second, in comfortable shoes you’ll kill it on the dance floor! Another plus — you can also wear the sneakers again after the Big Day.

The company was created in 1917 and called themselves Converse All-Star. They were mainly used as a basketball shoe. Comfort has been a priority in producing Converse sneakers from the very beginning.

You can choose between various design options.

Today the company has lots of options, not only for everyday wear, but also for wedding days. Brides and grooms can buy pairs that have been decorated with glitter, pearls, and sequins and laces that have embroidered flowers, or just plain all-white or all-black trainers, there’s something for everyone’s taste. They’re all available on the website.

Meanwhile, couples can design their very own wedding sneakers featuring any embroidery and even personalized text, featuring sweet words like. “I do.”

The company also offers wedding Dr. Martens, for a stylish rock-n-roll look — from plain white, to all black, to red, and even custom drawings and lettering.

There are also sneakers for grooms.

There is also a men’s line, so the groom and groomsmen don’t need to feel left out.

If you don’t like sneakers, you can go for boots.

There are various styles, including classic high- or low-top and even platforms for those who still want to look a bit taller.

For environmentally-friendly weddings there are sneakers that are manufactured from 100% recycled polyester from plastic bottles.

You can also decorate your white sneakers yourself.

And if you have an extra pair of white sneakers and you have a wedding coming — you can take inspiration from people on Instagram who customize their own wedding sneakers with glitter, beads, and lace.

There are even sneakers that might seem conservative at first glance, but that have a rainbow-colored sole! So you’ll definitely be unique on the dance floor.

And if you’re not sure whether you want to be the only girl wearing flat shoes, instead of heels, at this beautiful ceremony, you can arrange an act of solidarity and order wedding sneakers for all of your bridesmaids. It’ll look fresh and still festive, and most importantly — they’ll be comfortable!

What do you think about this trend? What did you wear to your wedding? We’d be happy to see your wedding pics in the comment section below!


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thought I really like the idea, comfort always comes first :)


When I got married I only used heels for the "cute" photos then I changed to sneakers


I honestly don't know what the thing with wearing heels all the time...


What a cool idea! If I ever get marry again I'm definitely using these ?


We got married in 2016, Not only the bride (me) and the groom wore Convesre , but the bride's maids and the groom's best men as well!!!! And of course most of the guests!! We had the best time! I should show this article to my mother, she still gives me hard time for my decision on the shoes...hahaha xxx

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