A Love Story With a Twist: A Woman Predicted in 9th Grade Who She Would Marry

6 months ago

A woman guessed the stranger who would be her future husband. In a viral TikTok, she recounted the moment that happened while she was still in high school. However, with viewers questioning the authenticity of it, she decided to tell the full story.

Her prediction happened in a playful moment with friends.

Audrey Finocchiaro, then in 9th-grade, was hanging out with friends in a parking lot, where they jokingly talked about who they might marry as adults. Her pick was Sam Lancaster. Although she didn’t know much about the boy, who shared chemistry class with her, she found him attractive. Little did she know that 12 years later, her lighthearted guess would come true and be the fascinating beginning of a romance.

She first shared her story on TikTok.

Audrey’s TikTok about manifesting her future husband has gained viral attention, reaching over 112.7 thousand views. Although many people in the comments were astounded by the fact and showed support to the couple, others doubted her. However, one person in the comment section, Shelby Quinn, backed Audrey’s story because she was there when it “absolutely” happened.

But even Sam, who is now her fiancé, was shocked to hear about the revelation and asked if it was true. It was only when Audrey shared the clip online that he became aware of her past prediction, leading Audrey to come clean about the whole moment.

Audrey, who’s now 30, actually believes in the power of manifestation and claims that persistent thoughts can turn into reality. Her case might be rare, but she uses it to encourage others to keep trying to manifest the things they wish for in life, stating that her friends initially found it unbelievable when she informed them about her relationship to Sam.

They are partners in more than one way.

Audrey’s connection with Sam, her high school crush and classmate, took an unexpected turn during the last week of their senior year. Then, they started talking more frequently and getting to know each other. However, it was only when Audrey was already attending Marymount Manhattan College in New York City that the two started officially dating.

Throughout the years their relationship kept evolving and once they hit their 6-year anniversary together, they became business partners as well. It was precisely from New York City that came the inspiration for the couple to create their brand of nitro coffee. Together they founded The Nitro Cart, a coffee cart business that was born out of the challenge to find nitro coffee in Rhode Island, where they moved to. The drink is achieved by pressurizing the coffee with nitrogen and pouring it from a tap.

And, if you think working together might bring trouble into their relationship, Audrey and Sam are on social media to prove you wrong. On TikTok, they’re frequently posting clips of themselves having fun whilst running a company together.

The couple wants to start a family together.

After a decade-long relationship, Sam proposed to Audrey on March 10, 2023. She recalled the moment on TikTok and described how he had tricked her into thinking she was going to an ocean house for her cousin’s birthday, only to find out he had flown in all her friends for the romantic beachside proposal. The couple is now set to tie the knot on March 2, 2024, in Mexico.

As Audrey anticipates her wedding and envisions their future together, she expresses excitement about the prospect of starting a family and speaks highly of Sam. She highlights her fiancé’s unwavering positivity, as he’s able to find something positive in any situation.

While reflecting on the journey from a high school crush to a longtime partner, she also admitted to finding the twists of fate amusing, and pointed out that during their early days of dating, she would even be surprised about receiving a call from Sam.

The world is full of inspiring tales of love. Another prime example of that is a couple who won an 8-year battle against infertility, and welcomed 4 babies in only 3 months. In an interview, they told their emotional story.


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