A Mom-To-Be Rescued a Stray Cat, and It Turned Out They Were Both Pregnant

2 years ago

There are very few things in life that are more majestic than a woman embarking on a journey to become a mom. Well, except maybe if she could share that experience with someone else, that is. Lauren Maners, an animal activist, was not only blessed with the opportunity to create life but also to help an animal in need who just so happened to be creating life at the same time.

We at Bright Side are sure someone was cutting onions when we were reading this story, and we couldn’t wait to share it with you!

1. Lauren always had a soft spot for animals.

An animal lover at heart, Lauren Maners has a long history of fostering animals in need and helping them recover. When she found out that she was carrying a child, she thought it was the right time to focus on the pregnancy and give the whole “fostering animals” gig a rest. But as fate would have it, things rarely turn out the way we expect them to.

2. In the final weeks of her pregnancy, she spotted an injured cat.

Deep into her pregnancy, Maners found an injured cat on the side of the road, and despite what she said, she just couldn’t leave her there. The poor cat was very skinny, and while Lauren and her boyfriend tried to track her owners down, they couldn’t find them and realized she was a stray.

3. It turned out that the cat was an expectant mom too.

When she checked on the cat, Lauren was surprised to find out she was pregnant too. They took her to the vet, and after making sure everything was okay with her babies, Lauren’s maternal instincts kicked in and despite her due date being close, she decide to foster the cat as well.

4. Lauren and the cat shared a wonderful experience.

She named the cat “Dove,” and the 2 moms-to-be bonded throughout the final weeks of their pregnancies. They spent almost all their time together, supported each other, and they were so in sync they even went into labor together!

5. Who’s going to pop first, Lauren wondered.

On the day Lauren went to give birth to her baby girl, Kylie, she probably didn’t expect to see 6 new kittens that were just welcomed into the world. Dove gave birth probably at the same time as Lauren, and this sweet coincidence was even more special.

6. Lauren gave birth to a beautiful baby girl, and all 6 of Dove’s kittens were healthy.

Lauren named her daughter Kylie. And both her baby girl and the kittens were in excellent health and ready to discover the world.

7. The kittens spent many months growing with the family before they found new forever homes.

After several months of growing together, Lauren and her husband decided it was time to find new homes for the kitties, and lucky for them, they now live nearby.

One of Lauren’s friends adopted the kitties, and the whole family can come and visit whenever they want.

Do you think it’s destiny that these 2 proud moms bumped into each other and gave birth on the same day? Don’t hesitate to share any stories that are similarly emotional with us in the comment section. We might just feature them.


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