15 Famous Men Who Embraced Their Gray Manes Instead of Dyeing Them

3 years ago

It was only a couple of years ago when the cult of youth was at its peak in mass media. Celebrities were supposed to have perfectly smooth skin, white smiles, and thick manes without a single gray hair. Such standards were often imposed on women, but men were also hit by this wave. That’s when many actors and singers started to dye their hair, but luckily trends for natural looks brought everything back to its place.

We at Bright Side have endless respect for famous men who aren’t scared to move away from the images they’re remembered as and who aren’t shy about donning gray hair.

James McAvoy, age 27 and 42

Antonio Banderas, age 34 and 59

Colin Farrell, age 32 and 44

Matt Damon, age 33 and 47

Ben Stiller, age 42 and 54

Mark Ruffalo, age 38 and 52

Eric Bana, age 35 and 52

Ryan Reynolds, age 31 and 43

Dermot Mulroney, age 35 and 55

Andy Serkis, age 39 and 55

Ben Affleck, age 34 and 47

James Hetfield, age 36 and 56

Jeffrey Dean Morgan, age 40 and 53

Joaquin Phoenix, age 31 and 45

Sylvester Stallone, age 36 and 74

Do you think gray hair makes men more attractive, or does it only add more age to them?


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