A Russian Artist Creates Sharp Illustrations About Life That You’ll Need to Look at Twice to Get the Point

4 years ago

Through unexpected jokes and an amusing perspective on modern life, Russian illustrator Anton Gudim intrigues and surprises us with his art. The messages displayed in his work can range from hilarious to shocking, but they always carry an element of surprise. His comics challenge our views and invites us to take a deeper look in order to understand what is happening.

We at Bright Side were impressed by his art so we chose some of Anton Gudim’s work that showcases his wicked sense of humor.

1. Flexible when commuting

2. Adam and Eve, with a furry twist

3. This is what I call “horsepower.”

4. How romantic!

5. When life gives you lemons...

6. A cool hack for the summer.

7. No flash, please. They can be confused for stars.

8. Ouch. I think someone needs eye drops.

9. Time is a flat circle.

10. Wild, wild Silicon Valley

11. A telescope for modern life

12. Cracking the code old-school style

13. Staying out the bandwagon

14. A plot twist while washing your hands

15. You deserve a medal just for getting out of bed!

16. You don’t need to go camping to have some s’mores.

17. You will never look at the GPS the same way again.

18. Fall leaves are better when they are just chips.

19. Saluting the sun without Yoga

20. Mind the giant cat approaching.

21. We wish it were that easy to get inked.

22. Nothing quite like requited love...

23. Watch your back pocket.

24. Firing back with available resources

25. The greatest love is self-love.

Which one was your favorite? Did you have to think a bit harder to understand any of them? Share below in the comments!

Preview photo credit gudim_public / instagram


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