A Widowed Father Disguised Himself As a Mom for a School Event to Make His Daughter’s Wish Come True

4 years ago

Daniel Correa is the proud father of Luna, a 5-year-old girl that he’s raising on his own. In 2016, his wife, Stella Noleto, lost her long battle with lupus. This left the family devastated. However, Daniel and Luna have managed to overcome the pain and recently they paid tribute to Stella, and all mothers, by doing something truly admirable.

Bright Side wants to share the story with you of this father who received an endless amount of applause and respect after putting himself in the shoes of a mom for a day.

A sad goodbye

In 2016, Daniel shared the sad news with his family and closest friends that Stella, his wife, had passed. “I promised to be the best father in the world, and I am. I can only thank you for the best 8 years of my life. I will love you forever,” he said on a post he wrote as a farewell to his wife.

A promise he had to keep

His message wasn’t written in vain. Daniel immediately became responsible for giving Luna, his daughter, all the love and strength she needed to overcome this painful loss at such a young age. Soon after, both father and daughter started to go on walks together, to have fun adventures together, and to create unforgettable moments.

He wanted to make her wish come true.

In 2019, Luna had an idea. She asked her dad to transform into a mom for a day so that she could enjoy a dance commemorating Mother’s Day at her school. At first, her father wasn’t so sure about it. He suggested that maybe she should take her grandmother or aunt instead. But Luna insisted she wanted to take her dad and eventually convinced him that he was the best candidate to join her at the event.

He transformed into a mom for a day to enjoy Mother’s Day with his daughter.

“With her eyes full of tears, Luna begged me to be her mother for a day. She asked me to paint my beard pink and to wear a blonde wig, just like her mom’s hair,” shared the 33-year-old dad, who managed to comply with each request his daughter had made.

He did what was necessary to put a smile on his daughter’s face.

The young Brazilian shared a post on his Instagram account and told people that, before judging, they should listen to his story. He recorded a video with his daughter, where she appears saying she’s next to her “mother” at school. He also added: "I want to leave the following message: Death is inevitable, but we don’t need to go through this in SADNESS... do you agree? Luna, I love you! It was PRICELESS to see the smile on your face when you saw me dressed as a “mom.”

What do you think of Daniel’s way to honor his wife and all mothers on their day? Would you dress up to fulfill your daughter’s dream? Share your thoughts with us in the comments!


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I'm not a man and don't know what they think in a situation like that. There are surely lots of men who were so embarrassed because of their "pride" to be a man, that would have not done it.

But his love for his daughter and the memory to his wife gave him the brave to make his daughter happy for one day. My big respect for such an amazing parent.


I admire him. I would also do everything for my children!


The most important is that he is not scared to do everything for her, even the craziest things ?


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