“They Were Meant to Be Brothers” Woman Gives Birth and Adopts Sons With Down Syndrome

At times, the universe seems to be testing us with challenges. However, when we look back, we realize that these moments of fear and self-doubt were, in fact, a blessing. And this is what happened to the Moody family.

When Whittney and Michael found out that their third son was born with Down syndrome, they were intimidated by this overwhelming new reality. But their fear soon turned into pure joy and unconditional love that had a great impact on the future of their family.

Bright Side has been fascinated by the inspiring story of the Moody family. We want to share their unique journey with you to fill your heart with waves of affection and warmth.

Whittney always knew she wanted to adopt. She even declared it to her parents when she was in elementary school. As a young girl, she met her future husband, Michael, in middle school. As the years went by, their love blossomed, and they got married a little before graduating from college. They both shared the same dream of having a family with 3 biological kids and then adopting their fourth child.

During their first 3 years of marriage, they had a daughter, Mikayla, and a son, MT. Afterward, the couple experienced a tough period of time, suffering through miscarriages and fertility treatments. They finally decided to give up on having a third child. This is why they were completely astonished when they learned in 2012 that they were expecting.

The pregnancy was deemed high-risk and had to be closely monitored. And it was at 35 weeks that baby Jude came into this world. The pediatrician confirmed to the couple that their little boy had Down syndrome. Whittney was prepared to hear this and had already researched the condition before the delivery, however as she got the news, she suddenly experienced an overwhelming sensation of fear.

As the months passed, Whittney realized what a blessing and true gift her little Jude was. The family adapted as well and started to feel at ease with their “new normal” as Michael called it. They even became determined to raise awareness and reduce the stigma of disability. They launched a 5k race called Jogging for Jude on World Down Syndrome Day and raised money for families of children with special needs going through medical hardships.

At 2 and half years old, Jude was doing very well. He was crawling and communicating via sign language, and his mom and dad decided to carry on with their dream of adopting a fourth child. And although they had never considered it before, the couple was now planning on adopting a child with special needs. All of this was thanks to Jude, who changed their life and their heart.

And just like that, one day, Whittney came across Max’s picture and bio on Facebook, and she knew that he was her fourth child. Of course, the family was well aware that raising another child with special needs wouldn’t be easy, but they were determined to do it. And after 13 long months of pursuing him, the couple traveled to China to bring Max home.

And even though he was in a new family and culture, Max adjusted very quickly and was able to bond and build a solid relationship with his parents, siblings, and, of course, Jude.

The 2 brothers are only 3 months apart in age and are best friends. The proud mama describes Max as “a born performer with killer dance moves,’’ and Jude as ’’a natural artist who loves to paint, draw, and sing.”

It seems that there isn’t one boring moment in this lovely family!

The mama of 4 noted that Max and Jude ’’were truly meant to be brothers.’’ The fulfilled mom explains that her 2 youngest ’’have a way of communicating with each other and love to wrestle and make each other laugh.’’

She adds that her boys do not limit the family in any way. And the family is still able to do all the things they enjoyed prior to having 2 sons with Down syndrome.

As for Mikayla and MT, Whittney explained, “They have grown so much being an older sister and brother to Max and Jude. They have learned compassion and tolerance.” She added, “The love of these 4 siblings is incredible and deep.”

What do you think of the Moody family’s journey?


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