I’m 22 and I Quit My Career to Serve My Husband, Trolls Say I Live a Life of a Granny

7 months ago

Aria Lewis is a 22-year-old woman, who lives the life of a granny. At least the Internet trolls think so, but the young lady has another opinion about her life. Aria gave up her successful career as a photographer to become a full-time housewife and now her calling is “to submit to her husband”. Today, Aria tells her story, which is full of things that many people could find shocking, but the woman enthusiastically defends her life choice and gives solid arguments.

Aria believes that life of a homemaker is her true calling.

Aria Lewis is 22, and she was growing up in the North Carolina. The young woman used to have a very promising, very busy career working as a wedding photographer, but all of a sudden Aria decided to quit her job and give up all professional ambitions and life chances to become a homemaker after she tied the knot with her husband.

Aria, who was homeschooled as a child, now is a content creator on TikTok, where the young lady boasts more than 18,000 followers at the moment. There she shares clips about her routine as a housewife, captioning them with her thoughts about her lifestyle and attitude to it. And she always yields tons of comments from users, who are sometimes shocked by her life choices.

Aria has a busy routine and a special attitude to her life.

Aria got married when she was 18 and her husband was 24 at that moment. This age gap quickly prompted people to think she is his daughter. Aria is now a stay-at-home wife, and the woman claims that her spouse tirelessly provides for her, so it’s natural for her that she is happy to devote her life to submission to her husband. This includes making all of his meals, cleaning their home and even doing all the gardening.

The young woman openly “submits” to her spouse, and she explains that she does so by letting him take the lead, not nagging him and following all of his opinions. With such a position, it might have been obvious that Aria would sooner or later face negative opinions, criticism and an avalanche of nasty comments from trolls.

Trolls call her nasty names and criticize her, but she doesn’t mind.

Trolls are now appearing everywhere under Aria’s posts, telling her that she should change her mind and lifestyle, criticizing her choices and calling her different names. They have told her that she has the “vibe of a 60-year-old” and called her a “granny”, but Aria seems to happily embrace this criticism and even hits back on the naysayers.

She patiently explains that their couple are embracing their natural roles, and totally thinks this was the best decision in their marriage. The woman says that being a “traditional wife” means submitting to your husband, giving birth to lots of kids and teaching them at home. At the same time, the lady insists that it is not a trend and explains that such position is something women have been following since the beginning of time.

She says, “In the last hundred years what used to be normal is now worthless and ridiculed.”

Aria is madly in love with her husband and doesn’t want any other life.

Before tying the knot with her husband, Aria used to work a 9-5 as a wedding photographer. She thinks that there’re cases when working is the best decision for a family, but sometimes staying home and being a housekeeper is the best decision. She totally believes that this is a job for both a husband and a wife to make that decision about their family roles.

The woman claims that there’re so many people who think she’s immature because she chose to stay at home, and now she’s busy only with the domestic work, seeing almost nothing except of her side hustles. But she believes that being devoted to her home and healing her body for pregnancy is her lifelong mission. Aria and her husband do not have any children yet, but the spouses are hoping to have kids in the nearest future.

Aria and her husband have a very special relationship and understand each other perfectly.

Aria strongly believes that she was born in the wrong century. She tied the knot with her husband Andrew when she was 18 and their wedding day was actually the day when they shared their first kiss. Together, they now run a homestead and don’t even own a TV, because Aria wants to keep femininity alive.

Speaking about her husband, Aria reveals that when she was getting married she could not wait for this to happen. Her biggest regret is not marrying her husband even sooner. She calls him her earthly provider, protector, lover and friend and confesses that with each day she loves him more, and her marriage becomes even more precious to her.

Aria believes that she has remained a boss in many ways, even with her current lifestyle. She thinks she’s still an entrepreneur and a business-minded lady. The only thing that has changed for her is her priorities. Business no longer runs her life, and she strives to put her husband and her home first, not her desire for earnings.

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