A Zoo Showed 15 Photos of Animals Who Got Hit Harder by Monday Than You Did

4 years ago

We know exactly how Monday feels, but we have absolutely no idea of how it looks. But one Russian zoo in Chelyabinsk managed to help us with this problem. They shared a set of photos in which animals look nothing like grace. And we are sure, if the least enjoyable day of the week had a face, it’d be something like the photos below.

We at Bright Side had a good laugh while looking at these funny snouts, so we wanted to share a piece of our good mood with you.

15. Monday always comes when we are least prepared for it.

14. “Lift my eyelids.”

13. And even one of the most dangerous predators can’t stand it.

12. Yeah, tell us about it, monkey.

11. “Just 5 minutes more, mom!”

10. “3 cups of coffee, please.”

9. This yak looks like the spirit animal of all Mondays.

8. You can see what I had for breakfast when I yawn on Mondays.

7. “Monday? Again?”

6. “I got that Mo-Mo-Mo, Mooonday sadness.”

5. “I wish I went to bed earlier yesterday.”

4. “Those dark circles say a lot about your weekend.”

3. “Me trying to look cool at work.”

2. When you’re begging Sunday to stay a bit longer:

1. A short guide on how to survive Monday: stick your tongue out and remember that Friday is right around the corner.

Have your pets ever had these “Monday faces”? Show us their photos!


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Haha sticking out your tongue and remember Friday is around the corner. Yeah, right! ???


This is kind of cool, but please, stop with the Zoo animals ☹


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