An Artist Draws the Little Things in a Relationship That Make Life Brighter, and It’s More Than Touching

5 years ago

Brisa is an illustrator that depicts her and her husband’s, and their dog’s life and adventures together into a web comic called Three Under The Rain. It shows the funny, cute, and romantic aspects of the their days, which many of their followers can easily relate to. From jokes about being short, to perfect little moments, this comic has something for everybody.

And so, Bright Side picked 22 of her best works that we thought you could relate to!

22. When your feet are cold there is only one place to warm them up.

21. Lazy Sundays are a blessing.

20. Pizza dinners can be romantic too.

19. When you’re just the right size to hear his heart beating for you:

18. A couple that bakes together, stays together.

17. Forehead kisses have magical powers.

16. Sometimes some quality you-time is important.

15. Are you really in a relationship if you aren’t stealing his hoodies?

14. Hiding from the cold

13. The little things are everything.

12. Just you and the one you love, a cup of coffee, and some cozy clothes...

11. Car rides are fun, until the sun hits your eyes.

10. Going on a vacation together

9. Cute, hidden messages to start the day off

8. Simple things like a night spent under a starry sky make the relationship special.

7. Who else loves Fall?

6. The dog is part of the family, after all.

5. It’s important to always make time for each other.

4. Enjoying a cup of coffee while listening to the birds outside

3. Cooking can be fun together too.

2. Iced drinks in the summer are true bliss.

1. Always being there for each other is key in a relationship.

With Valentine’s Day coming up, we can all feel the love that’s in the air and we hope you were able to relate to these adorable comics. Do you have a special someone and do you have special things you do together? Please, let us know!

Preview photo credit threeundertherain / instagram


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My girlfriend always puts her cold feet on my lap when we sit on the couch :D
It's cute, surely, but so COLD. And socks are for the weak.
How do you girls annoy your guys? :D


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