An Australian Mom Found a Smart Way to Convince Her Son to Eat Vegetables and Became World Famous

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4 years ago

Once, a woman from Melbourne, Laleh Mohmedi had an original idea about how to turn her 3-year-old son’s love for book characters into a love for healthy food. Today, her recipes are used by other parents who no longer need to convince their children that they should eat healthy food. Children happily eat these by themselves!

Bright Side keeps track of all of Laleh’s new ideas thanks to her Instagram page. This talented Australian woman managed to completely change her son’s perception of food.

Laleh Mohmedi’s Jacob’s Food Diaries page has more than 170,000 subscribers (even the famous Jamie Oliver is among them). It all started with a simple experiment in the kitchen. Laleh decided to cook a dish for her son Jacob that looked like a cartoon character.

His reaction was so good that she decided to continue.

Mohmedi posted a photo with the edible character she made on her Facebook page and she got an amazing response. “My friends told me that I had to start an Instagram page, but at the moment, I had no idea what hashtags, likes, and subscribers even were...”

And just one year later, Laleh has already told her story in numerous articles and on TV shows.

“I have no idea how such a small hobby made me so popular. It still amazes me today.”

Jacob’s Food Diaries is a festival on plates. There are cartoon characters, pop-culture figures, like David Bowie and Michael Jackson, and also strange creatures from Laleh’s imagination.

All of Mohmedi’s characters not only look very much like the original, but are also made of healthy foods. For example, her portrait of Helena Bonham Carter as the Red Queen from Alice in Wonderland looks a lot like the arrogant character and is made of mushrooms, cream cheese, and red cabbage.

Laleh works mainly with simple and nutritious ingredients, like cabbage, salmon, and cereal. She often uses fresh cabbage juice to make foods green or she uses several drops of apple cider vinegar to turn violet cabbage pink.

What do you do to teach your children to eat tasty and healthy food?

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If someone made me such meals, I would eat every single vegetable. Even ones that I don't like!

Crazy and outstanding works


Wow, these are real masterpieces! This kid is super lucky with such an amazing mom ?


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