Angelina Jolie Debuts New Chest Tattoo on the Red Carpet, but People Are Divided

3 weeks ago

Angelina Jolie turned heads with a new tattoo—a tiny black bird right in the center of her chest as she posed on the red carpet. But the real buzz was about a curious detail hidden behind the tattoo.

Evan Agostini/Invision/East News

Hollywood star Angelina Jolie, 49, rocked the 77th Tony Awards in New York City on Sunday, June 16, with her 15-year-old daughter, Vivienne. Jolie wowed everyone on the red carpet in a gorgeous custom teal Versace velvet gown featuring a sweetheart neckline and a draped shawl.

As for Jolie’s daughter, the teenager matched her mother’s style, wearing a teal vest, white dress shirt, and matching teal trousers, complete with a bow tie.

Angelina Jolie flaunted a small tattoo of a sparrow-like bird on her chest at the Tony Awards. The fresh ink, resembling a swallow, holds a touching meaning of loyalty and homecoming, symbolizing the bird's return to the same place during migration. The bird must have been her lucky charm, as Angelina clinched her first Tony Award for producing The Outsiders. The musical received an impressive 12 nominations.

She might have tried out cool, punk-inspired buzzcuts and covered herself in tattoos, but her choices are never random. Each tattoo is carefully picked for its special meaning, and she often explains exactly what it represents. This time, though, Angelina left fans guessing, and many didn’t approve of her latest tattoo.

Someone wrote, "Middle-aged woman gets tattoo," or "Is there an age limit on a tattoo?" Others commented, "I don’t know why people think tattoos are attractive!" and "How old is she?"

Evan Agostini/Invision/East News

"It’s a tiny tattoo of a swallow, meh. It looks super generic," a user commented. But others praised the star and her work, writing things like, "Amazing mom and humanitarian," and "She looks healthy for a change."

But what makes it especially interesting, besides all the comments about the tattoo, is its color and why she might have chosen it. Jolie, who always picks ink with personal meaning, wouldn't place a tattoo so prominently without a good reason.

Angelina also recently debuted her new blonde hair, and it got everyone buzzing.

Preview photo credit Evan Agostini/Invision/East News, AFF / Alamy Stock Photo


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