Beyoncé Has Become the Most Grammy-Awarded Artist in History, and We Believe She Deserves Them All

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At the 65th Annual Grammy Award ceremony held on February 5 in Los Angeles, history was made by none other than the queen of music herself, Beyoncé. With 32 wins, she surpasses all other artists as the most-awarded Grammy winner ever. This achievement solidifies her position as one of the greatest musicians of our time and cements her legacy in music history.

Beyoncé surpassed the late classical music conductor, Georg Solti, who held the record for 31 Grammy wins over a span of 20 years.


With a staggering 32 awards under her belt at only 41, Beyoncé not only became the artist with the most Grammy wins ever but also with the most nominations. With 88 nominations, she ties with her husband, Jay-Z, as the most nominated artist in Grammy history.

She was making waves with her wins while stuck in traffic.

Despite not being able to attend the pre-telecast ceremony, the queen of music still managed to rack up a series of wins. Beyoncé won the award for Best Electronic Dance Music Recording for “Break My Soul,” marking her first win in that category.

She then received the Grammy for Best Traditional R&B Performance for “Plastic Off the Sofa,” followed by Best R&B Song with “Cuff It.” To cap off her successful night, Beyoncé won her 32nd Grammy for Best Dance/Electronic Album for Renaissance.

Beyoncé gave a heartfelt speech when she received the awards.

VALERIE MACON/AFP/East News, Chris Pizzello/Invision/East News

“I’m trying not to be too emotional, I’m trying to just receive this night,” she began. “I want to thank my Uncle Johnny, who is not here, but he is here in spirit. My parents, my father, and my mother, for loving me and pushing me, to my beautiful husband, and to my 3 children who are at home watching. To the queer community for their love and for embracing this genre,” she added, visibly moved.

Despite her numerous accolades, Beyoncé, once again, missed out on the highly coveted Album of the Year award.

This marks the fourth time she has failed to win the prize, the most notable being in 2017 when her critically acclaimed album, Lemonade, was beaten by Adele’s 25. This year, the award went to Harry Styles for his radio-friendly pop album, Harry’s House.

Styles downplayed the importance of the award in his speech, stating that music should not be determined by awards and that he did not make music with the intention of winning a Grammy. Nevertheless, he was still appreciative of the recognition, saying, “This doesn’t happen to people like me very often, and this is so, so nice.”

Are you a fan of Beyoncé’s music? If you are, which of her songs is your favorite?

Preview photo credit EAST NEWS, beyonce / Instagram


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