Carol Burnett Celebrates Her 90th Birthday but She “Still Feels About 11”

4 months ago

Carol Burnett is more than just a talented actress, comedian, and writer — she’s a cultural icon. With a career spanning decades, she has earned the adoration of audiences and the respect of her peers, amassing numerous awards along the way. As she reaches the incredible milestone of turning 90, we are reminded of the countless ways in which she has touched our lives, bringing laughter and joy to so many. Here’s to you, Carol — thank you for your immeasurable contributions to the world of entertainment, and may your birthday be as wonderful and memorable as you are.

Ahead of Carol Burnett’s 90th birthday, she reflected on what she wants her legacy to be.

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According to Burnett, her greatest desire is to be remembered as someone who brought joy and laughter into people’s lives, especially during difficult times. She takes pride in knowing that her comedy has helped families come together and has lifted the spirits of those who may have been feeling lonely or down.

“In my fan mail, many say it was the only time the family would get together, to watch and laugh. And that sometimes they were lonesome and were cheered up by our show,” revealed Carol. As she reflects on the impact of her work, she is filled with a sense of satisfaction and fulfillment, knowing that she has made a positive difference in the world.

She still feels like she’s 11 years old.

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Carol Burnett has a fruitful life and career behind her. She has earned many accolades, including 6 Emmys, 6 Golden Globes, a Grammy, and a Kennedy Center Honor. She was married 3 times and was blessed with 3 daughters, Jodie, Erin, and Carrie.

However, she still can’t wrap her head around the fact that she’s turning 90, and she has mixed feelings of amazement and gratitude. “I still feel like I’m about 11, but I’m amazed. It sure went fast. But I’m glad because I’ve got all my parts — got my hips, I got my knees, and I’ve got my brain, so I’m happy about that,” she revealed.

NBC will celebrate Carol’s 90th birthday with a 2-hour special program.

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The show, titled Carol Burnett: 90 Years of Laughter + Love, will feature an impressive lineup of guest stars, including Ellen DeGeneres, Cher, Amy Poehler, Julie Andrews, and Steve Carell.

The program will also include live performances from Bernadette Peters, Billy Porter, Jane Lynch, Katy Perry, and Kristin Chenoweth. With such a fantastic group of performers and entertainers, the show is sure to be a memorable celebration of Burnett’s remarkable career and enduring legacy.

Carol knew she wanted to be in the entertainment industry from the start.

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When Carol Burnett was a child, she would often imagine herself as a radio show host and would yell out of her window, pretending to introduce different segments of her show. “Now, ladies and gentlemen, we have a young girl who is going to sing here without any musical accompaniment,” she reminisces.

One time, one of her neighbors yelled at her to “turn the thing off,” and Carol was delighted and thought, “I’m a hit. They think it’s real,” she revealed.

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