«Clearly Photoshopped,» Victoria Beckham’s Easter Photos Cause Controversy

month ago

Victoria and David Beckham, along with their children, enjoyed a luxurious Easter on a yacht. The family’s Easter moments were captured by Victoria, who shared them for the fans to see. However, many people quickly noticed something wrong with the photos.

A sweet festive gathering.

The Beckhams, minus their son Romeo, were pictured in high spirits. The couple, both in their late forties, donned playful bunny ears and summer clothes. They even took a whimsical photo lying upside down.

The family gathered for a cheerful group photo, all wearing matching bunny ears. Nicola Peltz, Brooklyn’s partner, joined in the fun, at one point playfully lifting Victoria’s leg, still in a protective boot from an earlier injury.

In another photo, David is seen with his children, all dressed in white. The family sent out warm Easter greetings and expressed their love and longing for Romeo, who couldn’t join them, with a heartfelt message: «Happy Easter!! We love and miss you @romeobeckham!! Kisses from the Beckhams and Peltz Beckhams.»

The photos left many people confused.

While some cheered for the happy family, eagle-eyed fans were quick to spot something odd with the photos. «Why is David photoshopped into the picture?», inquired one among many. «This is obviously photoshop(ped), but they are not getting the negative comments as Princess Kate» another compared the seemingly edited photos with Kate Middleton’s controversy. «3 of their 4 kids plus a wife makes 5? Who’s the other kid??» asked another fan.

Earlier, Nicola Peltz, David Beckham’s daughter-in-law, shared a tribute to David with steamy photos that raised some eye-brows. Check it out here.

Preview photo credit victoriabeckham / Instagram


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