Couples Shared Hilarious Photos Showing What Relationships Based on Love and Humor Look Like

3 years ago

Living together can be challenging. There are many obstacles waiting for young couples along the way like quarrels, tired routines, house chores, etc. But there’s a great method on how to overcome all of these: treat each other respectfully and relate to difficulties with humor. The characters in this compilation have proven this to be true!

Bright Side has collected 24 stories from people whose senses of humor make their lives together more interesting and fun — which only makes their feelings for each other grow stronger.

“When we first met, she told me she could eat 4 lunch sets in 1 sitting. I got tired of her talking so I’m forcing her to do it.”

“That’s how a buddy of mine asked his girlfriend to the prom...”

“Every day, my wife hides original messages in my lunch box.”

Translation: “I am your lunch.”

When you’ve married an incredible joker:

“I put a cute note in my boyfriend’s lunch.”

When one phone is not enough to express your emotions:

“My boyfriend is a web developer and it’s his birthday next week.”

They’re a loving couple in public but when they’re alone, an old feud awakens between them.

“Girlfriend made me coupons for our anniversary.”

“When you want to see how your new lipstick looks and your boyfriend wants to help.”

“My girlfriend is a vegetarian and this is how I wrapped her birthday present.”

“When your husband doesn’t have the best ideas...”

“Made my boyfriend the dumbest thing I could think of for Valentine’s Day.”

“My wife got new Halloween decorations. I was totally scared when I walked into the bathroom.”

“Husband and I have complete opposite work schedules and haven’t seen each other for a few days. Found this when I went to make breakfast for our daughter and myself this morning.”

When your husband is on a business trip but you need some romance:

“My girlfriend made a cake for me for my 30th birthday. I’m the one on the right.”

“My wife asked me if I wanted half of her Twix. She thinks this is a game.”

“This is a Valentine’s Day card I made for my boyfriend.”

“My gift to my girlfriend for our anniversary”

“I made Homer’s muumuu for my boyfriend.”

When the candy-bouquet period is over, there is a new type of romance that takes place in relationships.

“When the wife knows how to get her husband’s attention...”

“I just ’suplexed’ my girlfriend onto my bed and this is what happened.”

What helps you overcome obstacles in your relationship? Please share your secrets in the comments!

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