David Beckham Pays the Sweetest Tribute to His Mom, Wife, and Daughter on International Women’s Day

year ago

David Beckham is ever so grateful to the women who have had an impact on his life and made him the man he is today. The 47-year-old retired soccer player shared a series of sweet snaps, that melted our heart, with his 77.9 million Instagram followers. Shortly after, his wife Victoria, posted a special tribute as well, with someone who is so precious to her and her husband.

David posted 8 snaps, with the first picture showing his wife Victoria and their 11-year-old daughter Harper, rubbing noses together.

He accompanied the pics with a heartfelt message that said, ’’I want to celebrate the amazing women in my life who inspire me with their work ethic, loyalty, kindness, and love for their families...♥️’’

He then added that he feels lucky to have them before tagging and mentioning his wife, daughter, mother, 2 sisters, and his mother-in-law.

The photos that David chose were a mix of recent pics and throwback snaps, including one of him as a young man standing beside his beloved mother, a couple of pics with Victoria at work, and one where he’s holding Harper’s hand during fashion week.

He also included a few childhood pics showing him as a toddler and a young boy surrounded by his mother and sisters.

Beckham didn’t forget to add a snap of his mother-in-law, pictured with her daughter Victoria and his own mother.

Victoria also celebrated International Women’s Day with a post specifically dedicated to her daughter Harper, writing, “Love you so much.” She shared a series of snaps giving us a peek into the casual side of their lives.

She also tagged her husband David in the post.


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