How Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Quest for a Fulfilling Life Led Him From Movie Stardom to Farm Living

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Successful bodybuilder, businessman, and actor, Arnold Schwarzenegger decided to live a more quiet life and moved to a farm-style property. Although he’s still active as an actor, Schwarzenegger’s day-to-day life now looks very different from that of most other celebs in Hollywood. Caring for his beloved animals and spending more time in nature have become a priority for him recently.

Before becoming an actor, Arnold Schwarzenegger was a successful bodybuilder.

Schwarzenegger’s weightlifting and bodybuilding career started when he was in his teens, winning the Mr. Europa title in 1966 when he was only 19 years old. His strong physique earned him several other titles and made him one of the most famous bodybuilders in the world. He competed until 1980, also winning the Mr. Olympia competition for the seventh time that year.

Later, his acting talent earned him many iconic roles in action movies.

Although he was still competing as a bodybuilder, Schwarzenegger decided that he wanted to try acting, and he got his first role in the movie, Hercules in New York. While his first movie role was in a comedy, he later became a well-established action superstar, starring in leading roles in many iconic films, such as The Terminator.

As he got older, his priorities shifted.

While still active in the film industry, Schwarzenegger also had several successful businesses, such as selling fitness-related equipment and investing in restaurants and a shopping mall. But despite his millions and great success in different career paths, the movie star never let fame get to his head, and he still shops at regular grocery stores. And as of recently, he prefers a more quiet and simple lifestyle, away from the world of show business.

Nowadays, he prefers to live a more private, low-key life away from Hollywood.

The actor currently lives on an estate with plenty of greenery and nature surrounding him. And although in his teenage years he couldn’t have pictured his life on a farm, it seems like at an older age, Schwarzenegger has changed his mind.

The famous actor moved to a farm to take care of animals, including his beloved donkeys.

In February of last year, Schwarzenegger revealed during a Jimmy Kimmel Live appearance that he now finds “farmer’s chores” quite pleasant. Even if this means that his daily routine starts very early, at around 6 a.m., feeding his pet donkeys and dogs. All of Schwarzenegger’s animals have very privileged lives, as he allows them to roam freely in the house and regularly prepares treats for them.

Although he hasn’t retired from the world of show business for good, he’s happy to spend more time with family.

Although the 75-year-old actor has no plans of leaving the acting world for good, he also enjoys the quality time spent with his pets and family. Schwarzenegger is a father of 5 children and a proud grandpa of 2 granddaughters. And although he’s been divorced from his wife, Maria Shriver, for more than a decade, the 2 still support each other when it comes to being the best grandparents.


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