Everyone Is Debating Whether Tems’ Oscar Gown Is Fair to Audience Members (and We Can’t Really Decide)

11 months ago

Larger-than-life gowns and dramatic outfits are usually welcome at a high-profile red-carpet event like the Oscars, as they can make the whole event even more impressive and memorable. But sometimes things can get slightly out of hand. The Internet is buzzing with discussion over the monumental dress Tems wore to the ceremony that blocked the view of some audience members.

Tems, who was nominated in the best song category for her Black Panther score, donned a striking white dress with an epic headpiece that made her stand out from the crowd...quite literally.

The audience members who were sitting directly behind the musician were struggling to catch a glimpse of the stage, which was promptly posted on Twitter:

Soon after, the footage of a lady whose view was blocked by the Nigerian singer’s headpiece spread across the internet like wildfire and opinions became strongly divided.

And the situation became an endless inspiration for all sorts of jokes.

There’s no denying that Tems looked stunning in this bold creation and that her look got the attention it deserves, but people are wondering if she should have considered the size of the headpiece more carefully.

Or perhaps it’s some kind of fashion statement that not everyone managed to understand. We’re not really sure whose side should we take and we’d love to hear your thoughts on this burning question.


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