Having Kids Is Fun, They Said and They Are Right (19 Photos to Prove It)

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3 years ago

From the mouths of babes shall come the fun. Their words, actions, and logic are like a specific kind of humor. Sometimes it can be honest and even too straightforward, but it’s also naive and extremely sweet. And this can definitely brighten even the darkest of days.

We at Bright Side love an opportunity to cheer our readers up. And we believe that kids are the perfect way to lift anyone’s mood. Let’s have fun together.

1. “My daughter drew this in kindergarten. Title: “Moms chatting after school”

2. “My 7 year old son’s brilliant way to never lose the only key he has for this lock”

3. “My daughter roasted me for Father’s Day. I couldn’t be more proud.”

4. “My son ate strawberries.”

5. “My niece took 457 selfies on my phone that all look like this.”

6. “Found this gem from when I was in 2nd grade.”

7. “My kid asked me to play hide and seek with her. This is her genius-level hiding tactic: The cat bed.”

8. “My kids are obsessed with earning Schrute Bucks for doing various chores around the house.”

9. My daughter said, “I’m saving the rest for Dad.”

10. “Father’s Day card message: Kids, please, don’t rush things.”

11. “If my daughter keeps doing her own eye makeup, child protective services are gonna come knocking pretty soon.”

12. “My daughter’s favorite way to cool me off after a long run on a hot day”

13. “Found out my kid had this on his school classroom wall all year.”

14. “My sister-in-law asked her 3rd grade pupils, ‘What would you say if you could talk to a farm animal?’ and a boy wrote this:”

15. “My 3-year-old insisted on making me breakfast.”

16. “My 11-year-old daughter has insisted on checking the mail the last couple of days. Today, I checked it. This is what I found...”

17. “My daughter got a camera as a birthday present. One of the first things she did with it was to barge in the bathroom and take a pic of me taking a dump.”

18. “But that IS my real age!”

19. “My 10-year-old son wanted me to share with all of you the suit of armor he’s been constructing.”

Do you believe kids are great comedians? What funny things do your kids do? You can share their jokes and pranks in the comments.

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