“He Was Looking Angry,” a Woman Tries to Buy Food for a Stranger, but Leaves in Tears

8 months ago

Amelia Goldsmith, a London-based influencer, learned the hard way that the saying, “No good deed goes unpunished,” can sometimes ring true. Her act of kindness led to feelings of regret and disappointment. She decided to share her story in a TikTok video, which garnered thousands of comments.

Despite being quite nervous, she approached a stranger.

Goldsmith embarked on a trip to a supermarket brimming with enthusiasm to brighten someone’s day by paying for their groceries. However, her initial excitement turned into disappointment. As she stood in the checkout line, a sense of nervousness washed over her, worrying that people might view her as a “weirdo.” After mustering some courage, she approached a man unloading his groceries and said, “Excuse me, this may be very random, but I’d like to pay for your food shopping today,” with a hopeful and cheerful tone.

His response was far from enthusiastic.

Rather than graciously accepting her offer, the man seemed increasingly agitated, repeatedly refusing her assistance despite her good intentions. Goldsmith tried to reassure him that she simply wanted to perform a random act of kindness, but her words fell on deaf ears as the man appeared unwilling to accept her gesture.

He sternly stated, “I really don’t need it.” Amelia noted that he “was looking angry,” realizing that her attempt to perform a kind deed had been resisted. She decided not to push any further and moved on, hoping to find another person who might be more receptive to her act of generosity.

Undeterred by the previous negative encounters, Amelia turned to another customer with the same offer of paying for their groceries, only to be met with another resounding “No.” Disappointed but not ready to give up, she made one more attempt, this time with a third customer. The response, although a rejection, was delivered with more compassion as the person remarked, “There are probably more deserving people in the world, but thank you.”

She decided it was time for her backup plan.

After encountering multiple refusals in her attempts to help individuals directly, Goldsmith decided to switch gears. She purchased a basket full of pasta and sauces, which she later donated to a food bank. However, the experience had left her shaken and teary, as she had expected more positive and grateful reactions.

Despite the mixed reactions and the challenging experience, Goldsmith expressed satisfaction with her food bank donation, emphasizing that those in need would benefit. Some of her TikTok commenters suggested that she might have had a different response in a less affluent neighborhood, while others speculated that filming the act may have made it seem insincere or attention-seeking.

Despite occasional challenges and mixed reactions, people should not be deterred from performing acts of kindness. It’s a fundamental human quality, and helping others, whether family or strangers, contributes positively to the world.

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She didn't want to help someone in need, she wanted to show off on social media, and people refused to let her exploit them. If you have good intentions, you donate to a food bank, or offer to buy food for a homeless person, or help anyone in actual need, and you do it without recording them to exploit their poverty for likes.


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