How to Grow a Beard Even If You Think You Can’t

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2 years ago

Traditionally beards are considered to be a sign of masculinity, power, strength, and wisdom. However, in the pursuit of getting a full and radiant beard, many men fail due to the uncontrollable itchiness at the beginning and improper beard care that can make it look lackluster and dull.

In case you’re one of those guys who is struggling to grow a thick beard, we at Bright Side collected a set of recommendations that can help the brawny half of our planet become the proud owners of sumptuous beards.

1. The rule of 4 weeks

The first and most difficult stage, which takes 4 weeks, requires the most patience. All because this is when the itchiness is the strongest and, at the peak of this irritation, most men give up and shave everything off. The beard hair reaches its so-called “full potential” after a month and in order to reach it, all a man needs to do is be patient and consistent.

2. Remember your skin.

If a man has endured the 4-week challenge and managed to grow a somewhat beard-like structure on his face, the next step is skincare. It’s important to wash the beard regularly to keep it clean, to exfoliate dead cells with a scrub to prevent the appearance of ingrown hairs, and to keep it moisturized.

3. Exercise regularly.

It’s no secret that regular exercise promotes better blood circulation, which can positively affect the speed of hair growth as well as its quality. Moreover, exercising makes a man’s body produce more testosterone which also contributes to healthier hair follicles and, thus, healthier and thicker hair.

4. Avoid stress.

As surprising as this might sound, stress can affect a man’s beard growth negatively too. All because, while being stressed out, our bodies produce cortisol which inhibits the production of testosterone. Moreover, blood vessels get squeezed when being stressed and, thus, prevent nutrients in the blood from reaching the hair follicles freely.

5. Watch your diet.

Healthy dieting is important and extremely helpful for anyone. But for those growing a thick beard, we recommend eating more protein-rich products that will contribute to a more luxurious and thick beard. It might be helpful to consume more of these products like nuts, fruits rich in vitamin C, and eggs. Also, remember to drink enough water and keep your body hydrated.

6. Take supplements.

In addition to everything we have already mentioned, taking supplements containing iron, zinc, copper, vitamins B, D, and E as well as magnesium can contribute greatly to the growth of a healthy and thick beard. Unfortunately, nowadays people don’t get enough of these elements in their diet and, therefore, lack them in their body.

7. Use oils.

Using beard oils is extremely helpful for those who live in countries with harsh weather conditions, regularly exposing their beards to cold (or extreme heat). A thin layer of oil will add moisture and lock it in, thus, protecting beard hairs from getting damaged. Opt for the oils that have jojoba oil as one of the main ingredients.

8. Trim and shape the beard regularly.

You can trim the beard yourself or go to a barber. Remember to do it after crossing the first 4 week mark. Get yourself a trimmer and do it every 2 or 3 weeks depending on the intensity of your hair growth. Don’t do it right after taking a shower because you may end up cutting off more hair than needed.

9. Use hair balm.

Not only should you wash your beard with shampoo regularly, but also use hair balms and conditioners. This process also contributes to growing a thicker and shinier beard. Apply hair conditioner after shampooing the beard, leave it there for a while, glide your fingers through the beard with combing movements and rinse well.

Are you aware of any other ways to grow a luxurious beard? We would love to read about them in the comments!

Please note: This article was updated in March 2022 to correct source material and factual inaccuracies.
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