I Secretly Gave My Surname to My Baby, His Father Is Mad and Is Threatening Me

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3 weeks ago

A woman named Hailey has poured her heart out in her letter to our editorial, and we all had mixed feelings while reading her candid and emotional story. The woman complained that her partner has been absolutely dominant in his opinions about her and her baby, and he insisted that their son must only have his surname. Hailey did right the opposite and gave the baby her own surname. Her partner is now absolutely mad, and his behavior is something that disturbs the woman a lot.

Hailey and her partner had a confrontation about the baby’s surname.

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Hailey, 32, wanted to ask our readers for their opinions and maybe a piece of advice about what she should do further in such a complicated life situation.

Hailey opened her letter, saying, “So, I had a baby five weeks ago with my partner, to whom I’m not even married. We’ve been together for 4 years, and from the very start I’ve given many compromises in this relationship.
When I announced the news about my pregnancy, my SO was so happy, and so was I. We instantly started building our plans for the future and among them was the baby’s name. While discussing our yet unborn son’s name, we did have a couple of disagreements on names, but we finally decided on a name we both liked well enough.”

Hailey revealed, “The surname of our baby was a sticking point for both of us. My partner ultimately wanted the baby to have his name alone. I suggested hyphenating the surnames, because theoretically it would be easier for the baby to have both of our names.”

The couple has come to some sort of agreement, but it was vague.

Hailey goes on with her story, saying, “My partner was constantly talking about how it’s ’traditional’ and ’the right thing to do’ and even mentioned it’s ’his right as a man’ to have the baby have his surname. He also mentioned it to me that I’d be emasculating him if I don’t agree to give the baby his surname. He even threatened me that I may end up being a single parent if I won’t grant him this one tiny ask.”

Hailey wrote, “He said that his word was final and the baby’s having one surname. This was late in my pregnancy and I just didn’t have any desire to fight, so I simply told him that I understood what he was saying.”

Hailey made her own decision and doesn’t regret it.

The woman revealed, “I went into labor and gave birth to a wonderful baby boy. Then, I secretly gave my son my surname, and this was the decision that I instantly made when I first saw him and held him in my arms.
A few weeks ago, when baby’s birth certificate finally came, my partner learned this bitter truth and he went totally mad. He was absolutely uncontrolled in his anger when he saw that I’d given the baby my surname. He reminded me about our previous ’agreement’, saying I actually didn’t object to giving baby his surname.”

“Well, I told him that I didn’t say ’yes’ to it. I actually did nothing of the sort. I just told him I understood him, which I did. But I clearly remember that I never said I agreed with him. I told him there was no way I would be doing all the work of making a baby for him to stick his name on it.”

The relationship in the couple is getting very tense.

Hailey shared, “When we spoke about this tradition that he mentioned before, I just told him it would also be traditional for him to marry me before having a baby. But he has always been happy to ignore that. I told him it would be so traditional for him to be the provider, but I do that too. I even pointed out other holes in his logic.
I told him trying to talk me into submission with his ultimatums when I was exhausted from pregnancy didn’t work. He should have known better, and he shouldn’t have expected me to not share a surname with my child.”

“He was so furious and said the baby should only have one surname. But I told him that the baby does have one surname now. I don’t see any point in him being so furious. But he didn’t think so and went crying to his brothers and mother, and now they’re all against me. Am I wrong in this situation?”

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