If You Have Too Many Coffee Pods, These 10 Holders Will Keep Them Organized Once and for All

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Coffee is a drink that is widely consumed all over the world. People love the taste of caffeine and its ability to stimulate of our bodies. Today, it’s not rare to find mini java bars with pods of various flavors in people’s homes. All these different types of coffee that bring us so much pleasure can also create a mess in our kitchen if we don’t have a designated place for them.

We have found coffee pod holders to solve that problem and help make your kitchen shine with great organization.

1. Your coffee capsules will all be neatly arranged in one place in this K-Cup pod storage drawer. It will keep your pods out of sight while allowing enough space on top for you to display the java machine as well as cups.

If you like to keep everything neat and tidy, this coffee capsule holder is just the thing for you. It has 3 separate drawers and can hold 36 K-cup pods. It’s made to withstand the weight of a java espresso machine, and the soft, non-slip lower support protects the tabletop.

Promising review: It fits everything just fine, had to lay the dolce gusto pods on their sides but it isn’t an issue at all! I can still see what pod is what, which means I don’t have to have extra boxes hanging around! It fits 36 pods in how I’ve done it. Happy with the item! @Kerrie

2. This coffee capsule holder will make it easier for you to access your favorite beverage and, at the same time, have no more loose capsules in the drawer. Just rotate it and choose what you want.

Spin this capsule holder and choose the flavor you like best. It’s made of a chrome finish, and the felt pad protects your table or kitchen counter from scratches. The holder has room for 52 Tassimo capsules.

Promising review: Exactly what I wanted. Compact and the same height as my Tassimo machine. Love how the pods drop down easily as one is removed. If I had to pick one tiny fault, it would be that my bigger pods (coffee shop chai latte) are just a few millimeters too big to pull out of the bottom, so I just take them out from the top. @Minky Moo

3. This coffee pod cage keeps your brew at hand in a modern and stylish way. And, as a bonus, the different colors of the capsules will give a cool and upbeat look to your cooking area.

This stainless steel cage is for those coffee lovers out there who want to keep a large number of capsules in one place. It can hold up to 80 Nespresso capsules as well as pods from other brands. It is made in a modern and practical cube design with criss-cross lines and a simple logo embossed on the left side.

Promising review: Stunning and stylish. Holds approximately 30 Vertuo pods. I can easily see which pod I would like and it doesn’t take up too much room like some of the other holders I’ve seen. @Amazon Customer

4. This adhesive coffee pod holder is for those who don’t have lots of room in their kitchen. And every time you pull out a capsule from this holder, you’ll feel like you’re participating in a lottery draw.

This holder is the right solution if you are short on space in your kitchen and still want your caffeine within reach. Mount it the way you want using tough adhesive under a cabinet, inside a cabinet door, or on the wall. This holder can hold 50 Nespresso original capsules.

Promising review: Saves space and looks really awesome! It’s easy to handle and sticks very well to all metal surfaces, even working well on uneven levels, and the magnetic power is very strong. Now all my capsules can be easily stored and taken out at a glance. A must-buy for Nespresso lovers. @DD

5. If you are a fan of minimalism and tidiness, then you will definitely enjoy this coffee holder. It can rotate for your convenience, and it will keep your cooking area neat and organized.

Store your capsules in this holder with 4 different compartments. You will easily access them because it rotates 360 degrees. It can hold 24 Dolce Gusto pods. Don’t worry, your table won’t be damaged by this holder, as it has an improved base to prevent damage.

Promising review: These Dulce Gusto coffee pod stands are ideal for my kitchen and it’s only small so save me from having to pile up all the boxes. Each stand holds 32 pods so these stands contain 4 boxes worth. They have a swivel base for easy selection and it’s really sturdy. Well worth the money. @MumOf3

6. Enjoy a delicious drink in the peace and quiet of your own home. This modern-designed coffee pod holder box will make you feel like you are in a coffee shop.

With this elegant holder for coffee capsules, your cooking area will get a touch of modernity and order. It’s made of metal with a thick tempered glass top, and you can use it as a coffee machine base. It has a capacity of 45 capsules, and through the transparent glass, choosing the flavor of the day will be faster and easier.

Promising review: This stylish addition to the Nespresso maker is a real winner. Sturdy yet contemporary, and with great storage for coffee pods, this item will really set off your machine. @Amazon Customer

7. Spin the carousel capsule display and enjoy both the caffeine and the neatness of your pods. Ultimately, you will have the feeling that there is a Christmas tree spinning in front of you made of coffee capsules.

With this coffee holder, you’ll feel like you’re decorating the Christmas tree every day. It is made of solid metal with an eco-friendly spray finish in black. The bottom is an EVA rubber design that allows maximum contact with the ground for slip resistance and steadiness. This holder can carry 45 K-cup pods.

Promising review: I ordered this for the Keurig coffee bar at my workplace. I needed one with a larger capacity, so this one was great for that. I was also pleasantly surprised by the sturdiness of the stand. I also love that it’s a carousel. Overall, great buy. @Kali

8. Caffeine and cat lovers won’t be able to resist this cat-shaped coffee holder. You can put a large number of capsules in it and easily reach them whenever you want to make coffee.

If you are one of those people who, in addition to organizing your space, want to add a touch of cuteness, then this cat-shaped coffee capsule holder is perfect for you. It is made of high-quality metal, durable and rust-resistant, and will not be easily deformed. You can put up to 35 K-cups or capsules, espresso pods, creamer, or hot chocolate pods.

Promising review: This product is absolutely lovely, very good quality and thick metal, so it’s worth the money I paid. I love it!! @Rachel Rogerson

9. This coffee pod holder with sliding baskets holds 72 capsules arranged in 2 levels. Also, with its help, you will add a touch of retro style to your kitchen.

This practical holder for coffee capsules will make it easier for you to arrange your cooking area when it comes to preparing java. It is made of high-quality wood and a solid metal frame. The drawer has 2 levels and can hold a total of 72 K-pods. The bottom of this capsule storage organizer is lined with 4 non-slip rubber pads.

Promising review: It was easy enough to put together and is nice and sturdy. It fits both my giant Keurig machine plus a little Nespresso Pixie on the shelf! It fits a lot of pods and looks nice sitting on my bar. @Sparkler

10. If you’re not a fan of standing holders or don’t have room in your kitchen for one, then you’ll definitely be happy with this round one. You can easily pull your favorite coffee flavor from this coffee pod holder bowl.

Always know where your java pods are with this chrome wire bowl. This holder is compatible with all brands of coffee pods. It has an open container concept so that capsules are always available and can hold a large amount of them.

Promising review: In love! My cabinets are quite low, so I couldn’t get a tower to hold my Nespresso capsules! This is the perfect solution, it looks neat, tidy, and stylish! Highly recommend! @Laura

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