In 2017, an Alleged Finale of “Game of Thrones” Leaked, and Here’s What Could’ve Happened

4 years ago

In 2017, someone posted a file online and called it a “leak” of the season 8 of Game of Thrones. Some people were skeptical about this leak but many people loved what it said. Fans thought it was a perfect ending to the series. If it really was the original script, the writers would’ve been forced to make a new one. This is probably the only logical explanation for why the series ended in such an unsatisfying way for so many fans.

We at Bright Side reviewed the file and made a comparison of the actual fates of the main characters. Spoiler alert: Don’t read ahead if you haven’t watched Season 8 yet!

Cersei Lannister

What could have been: She was killed by Arya after imposing on Qyburn and her wolf Nymeria.

What actually happened: She dies with Jaime under the debris in Maegor’s holdfast trying to escape.

Arya Stark

What could have been: In the first episode, Arya is visited by Jaqen H’ghar who gives her poison to kill Cersei. She goes to King’s Landing with House. In episode 5, Arya kills Cersei. In the end, she and her wolf sail to Essos.

What actually happened: She kills the Night King after she somehow gets past the entire army of the dead and jumps out of nowhere. In the end, she starts traveling to the new lands.

Theon Greyjoy

What could have been: He saves his sister Yara but gets killed by his Uncle Euron.

What actually happened: He gets killed by the Night King while trying to save Bran.

Brandon Stark

What could have been: During the battle with the Night King, he controls Rhaegal but both of them get killed by the walkers. At the end of the season, he comes back from the dead.

What actually happened: At the end of the series, he becomes King of the 6 Kingdoms.

Daenerys Targaryen

What could have been: Melisandre warns her that in order to win, she will have to sacrifice her child but Daenerys makes her go away. In episode 5, she gives birth to a baby in Dragon Stone. It turns out that only one can survive — either the baby or her. Daenerys decides to save her daughter. She names her Lyanna after Jon’s mother.

What actually happened: She gradually goes mad starting from the middle of the season. She burns almost the entire King’s Landing along with the people in it. She becomes Queen and says that she is going to continue her “liberating” mission. She loses the trust of the other characters and is killed by Jon during their kiss.


What could have been: He kills Daenerys to stop her suffering. He then gets killed by a warrior from the King’s Landing that came to get the Mother of Dragons.

What actually happened: He gets executed by Drogon after Daenerys orders it for treason.

Samwell Tarly

What could have been: He delivers the baby and saves the child of Daenerys. In the end, we see him with Gilly who is Lady Tarly now. Sam finds out that she is pregnant.

What actually happened: He becomes the Grand Meister for King Bran.

Davos Seaworth

What could have been: He gives the order to kill Melisandre. In the end, he says that he is going to go to his wife and start a simple life.

What actually happened: He becomes the Master of Ships for Bran the Broken.

Jon Snow

What could have been: He kills the Night King while riding Drogon in episode 5 and stops the Army of the Dead. Jon is chosen to be King but in the final battle for King’s Landing, he dies from the explosion of wildfire.

What actually happened: He kills Daenerys and gets sent to The Wall. He reunites with the wildlings and his wolf, Ghost.

The Night King

What could have been: He slowly conquers the lands of the living and dies by the end of the season. He ultimately gets killed by Jon Snow.

What actually happened: He conquers Winterfell and slowly walks to Bran but Arya stabs him with a dagger.

Jaime Lannister

What could have been: He starts a relationship with Brienne. He then kills Euron and saves Jon from the last hit. Finally, he gets killed trying to run away from the explosion of wildfire.

What actually happened: He starts a relationship with Brienne and the next day goes back to save Cersei. He kills Euron but dies together with his sister.

Brienne of Tarth

What could have been: She fights like a hero with outnumbering forces of the walkers but gets a few serious wounds. She dies in Jaime’s arms.

What actually happened: She becomes head of King Bran’s army.

Jorah Mormont

What could have been: Together with Jaime, he comes to help Jon but dies in the explosion of wildfire.

What actually happened: He gets many wounds while trying to protect Daenerys. He then dies in her arms after the battle.

Sandor Clegane

What could have been: He kills his brother with fire and helps Arya to get to Cersei. He is killed together with Jaime and Jorah trying to save Jon.

What actually happened: While trying to kill his brother, he falls into the fire with him and dies.


What could have been: From the very beginning, he fought for the North. In the end, he refuses to save Jon because he understands he could die himself. He stays alive.

What actually happened: After barely making an appearance the entire season, he takes Highgarden and becomes Master of Coin.

Euron Greyjoy

What could have been: He gets married to Cersei but they hate each other. He is happy when she dies and becomes the Ruler of 6 Kingdoms. He dies in a battle with Jon and Jaime at the end of the season.

What actually happened: He kills Rhaegal, appearing together with the entire fleet unexpectedly. Even Daenerys is taken aback. He gets killed by Jaime but also kills him.

Sansa Stark

What could have been: She gives several important orders during the battle with the walkers. She also starts a relationship with Gendry. In the end, she becomes the Lady of Winterfell and her husband Gendry is the Lord of Storm’s End.

What actually happened: She becomes Queen of the North.

Tyrion Lannister

What could have been: In the second-to-last scene, we see that Tyrion is the Hand of the Queen for the daughter of Daenerys and Jon — Queen Lianne. Together with Missandey, he takes care of her and raises her. “Game of Thrones is not a toy and it comes at a price,” Tyrion says at the end.

What actually happened: He refuses to be the Hand of the Queen in public after Daenerys destroys King’s Landing. He’s then sentenced to death but after Daenerys dies, he becomes Hand of the King.

The final scene

What could have been: A lone white walker is carrying Bran’s body to the altar. We see that a glass dagger is in Bran’s chest. There is some kind of a ritual and Bran opens his bright blue eyes. The walker puts a crown on Bran’s head and the altar becomes covered in ice.

What actually happened: We see Arya sailing west of Westeros; Sansa becomes Queen of the North, Bran becomes the King of the 6 Kingdoms, and Jon reunites with the wildlings and Ghost.

You can read about other characters in the full version of the alleged “first version” of the script.

Do you think that the first version of the script was better than the final one? Let us know down below!

Preview photo credit Game of Thrones / HBO


Thankfully not of that happened. I liked the ending very much.
I guess I have read so may spoilers and theories right now, that I don't even need to watch the whole show at all. I already know how everything goes, and even how it COULD be :D
The story would be completely different, but I think it would be interesting. :)

I wouldn't mind watching this version!
I'm afraid almost anything could be more interesting than the last season of GOT ?

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