Is it OVER? — Jennifer Lopez Drops a Massive Hint About Rumors of Divorcing From Ben Affleck

2 months ago

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck are reportedly on “two different pages” in their marriage. If you’ve been scrolling through the internet, you’ve probably heard the gossip about their relationship hitting a rough patch. Adding fuel to the fire, Ben’s now crashing at a separate place all by himself.

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So far, neither Jen nor Ben has made any public statements about their relationship status, despite both still wearing wedding rings. However, rumors of trouble started when clear signs started to circulate.

Supposedly, Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck are clashing in their marriage, with reports hinting at a major disagreement between them. Sources suggest their problems cropped up a few months back when Lopez got busier with work, gearing up for her upcoming tour.

Insiders claim Lopez is really diving into her career, especially as she prepares for her “This is Me ... Now: A Love Story” world tour, kicking off in Orlando, Florida, next month.

While Lopez was seen house hunting in Los Angeles, California, recently, the insider clarified that it was solely for investment purposes. However, another source disclosed that Affleck is living in a different residence from the singer.

Despite their differences, sources claim the high-profile couple isn’t ready to call it quits just yet. Another source reiterated that they’re actively trying to mend their marriage.

Moreover, Lopez herself dropped a significant hint about possible relationship troubles with Affleck. She posted a quote on Instagram that read: “You cannot build a healthy relationship with someone who lacks integrity and emotional safety.” These words, seemingly directed at her husband, caught attention, especially since Lopez liked the post. Fans were shocked by this interaction and expressed concerns about an impending divorce.

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Switching things up, Jennifer Lopez popped into a dance studio in Los Angeles for some practice, and guess what? She was still rocking her wedding ring. Even though she didn’t seem too thrilled about the paparazzi being there, it was pretty clear she wanted to make a statement by wearing the ring.

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People were already concerned when they saw a picture of Ben Affleck looking different, and they pointed fingers at Jennifer.

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J.Lo's tour was cancelled due to lack of seat sales. Besides nobody with a common sense can stand this woman who is narcissistic who only thinks about fame and publicity.


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