5 Beauty Secrets From Kate Winslet That Will Change Your Routine Forever

11 months ago

Kate Winslet may be the epitome of a natural, down-to-earth kind of woman who always strives to be true to herself in any way possible. As she’s getting older, she believes it only gets better, and she has more important things that concern her other than how she looks. “Honestly, I have learned that health comes before reaching for a mirror or a bottle of product,” claimed the actress.

Kate Winslet’s morning routine includes drinking tea.

On the days she isn’t working, she likes to wake up early in the morning, at 6:30 a.m., and start her day by drinking Yorkshire tea.

“I just feel like it would be wrong for the day to continue until I have had a cup of tea. But I don’t sit down and enjoy it in a mindful nice, calm way. I’ll put it down, I’ll run around, forget where I put the tea, go back and find it, realize it’s lukewarm, then have to remake another one. After that, I make breakfast for everyone.”

Here you can find out the benefits of 11 types of tea.

She likes to wash her face with cold water as part of her morning skin care routine.

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“I always wash my face with very cold water and a washcloth. Then I just put on a good moisturizer,” revealed the actress. Winslet doesn’t really like to wear makeup during the day when she isn’t working or when she doesn’t have an event to go to. “I really like to feel like my skin can breathe, and I also like to see my skin through whatever makeup I’m wearing.”

When it comes to washing her hair, she does it every other day, as she explained, “I’ll normally have a nice hair day. And then by the second day, it’s like, hmmm, so I’ll enjoy wearing it down for one day, because it still looks kind of nice. And then the next day, I’m like, ’Oh no, no, it just looks awful.’ I’m a big fan of just scraping it all back in a high ponytail.”

Taking a cold shower is healthy too, you can find out the benefits here.

Winslet believes it’s very important to take your makeup off at the end of the day, moisturize, and kiss your partner goodnight.

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This beautiful actress always takes her makeup off with a warm washcloth or in the shower, even if she only has a little bit of it on. She moisturizes her skin, but doesn’t really use eye cream unless the weather changes, and she feels the need to apply a bit of extra, really deep moisture. Here you check out some products that are great for your skin.

“The last thing I do is turn my phone on airplane mode, even though that shouldn’t be the last thing. If it’s past 11:00 p.m., I start to get a little bit worried. I always kiss my husband good night. We’re very good at that actually — we’re really good at making sure that we always say goodnight to each other.”

Winslet stays away from salt and other substances while welcoming in sleep and water.

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Of course, maintaining a clean diet can help your skin stay healthy and help you get that glow. When Winslet gets ready for an event, she cuts out 2 major things from her diet: “I try and stay away from salt and substances before an important occasion and throw a few green smoothies together. We all know that cutting them out makes for a healthier complexion. At least it does in my case.”

Nonetheless, her 2 most important beauty tips would be sleep and water, as she explained, “First off, I have to say right away that sleep and health play a big part in looking fresh. If I’m over-tired or stressed, no amount of makeup and hair can disguise the impact of that on one’s face. So my top tip would be water. Water, water, water. Keep the body hydrated and the skin will follow suit.”

Sleep is also important for fat loss, as you can find out here.

But most of all, she believes that beauty comes from within.

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“As I’ve gotten older, I know that true beauty comes from your heart, from the love of your family. It comes from kindness and the world around you. Beauty in your forties is about depth and experience. And good habits. Get outdoors as much as you can.”

The actress continued, “I think women come into their forties — certainly mid-forties, and think, ’Oh, this is the beginning of the decline. Things start to change and fade in directions that I don’t want them to go in anymore.’ But I’ve decided, no. We become more woman, more powerful, more sexy. We grow into ourselves more. We have opportunities to speak our minds and not be afraid of what people think of us. Not care what we look like so much.”

Here are some more examples of women who have aged gracefully.

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