Khloé Kardashian Gets Very Honest As She Is Asked If She Misses Her “Old Face”

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Being one of the most influential and followed women of our times can have big downsides. And recently, Khloé Kardashian had to face an awkward situation, which she handled in a clever way. The 38-year-old also opened up about her insecurities and being constantly compared to her other famous sisters.

The media personality shared with her over 300 million Instagram followers a video from the gym that showed her morning workout. She started the clip with a close-up where she talks straight to the camera, declaring, ’’Trying to get up the energy to work out. I’m just not in the mood, but let’s get to it.’’

As she was saying this, a person in the comments section asked, ’’Do you miss your old face?’’ Khloé, who was quick to reply, answered, “No.”

Another user commented, “Try without a filter,” with a laughing emoji. The 38-year-old smartly answered, “What does a filter have to do with the workout queen?”

As she was showing her fitness regime, Kardashian explained that she had to use lighter weights because she had an “elbow injury.”

The stunning star also revealed “curvature” on her cheek, which was the result of a surgery where she had a tumor on her face removed. She noted, ’’I have tape on it, but I still have a bump that will flatten out over time.’’

Back in 2021, Khloé responded to the rumors that she had a ’’face transplant’’ by denying the accusations. She then opened up about the work she’s had done, saying, ’’I’ve had one nose job.’’

The mother of 2 also admitted to having injections, but “not really Botox.” She explained, “I’ve responded horribly to Botox.”

Khloé also talked about the struggles she had to face for being constantly compared to her 2 older sisters, Kim and Kourtney. When asked if her siblings got ’’preferential treatment’’ because of their physique, Khloé replied, ’’Oh 100%.’’

She explained that when they did photo shoots together, Kim and Kourtney would get ’’racks and racks of clothes,’’ while she ’’was given about 2 or 3 pieces of clothing’’ and told ’’not to worry because you’ll be in the background anyway.’’ Khloé went on noting, ’’Like I wouldn’t be in the forefront, it would always be them 2 and me behind them.’’

Preview photo credit khloekardashian / Instagram


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