Kirsten Dunst Reveals How She Really Felt About the Disturbing Kiss With Brad Pitt When She Was Only 11

10 months ago

Almost 30 years ago Kirsten Dunst starred as Claudia in Interview with the Vampire. The actress still vividly remembers one of the most disturbing and controversial scenes she’s ever had. When she was only 11, she had to kiss Brad Pitt who was 31 at the time. The star described her experience in detail and opened up about her feelings at the time.

Kirsten starred as Claudia in Interview with the Vampire.

The role of Claudia brought her the most fame and even earned her a Golden Globe nomination. In 1994, she starred in the movie with the A-list actors such as Brad Pitt and Tom Cruise. Dunst played Claudia — a 5-year-old vampire who’s actually a woman trapped in a child’s body.

The movie had a controversial scene.

At some point, 11-year-old Dunst had to kiss then 31-year-old Brad Pitt. The actress remembers the kiss, “I hated it so much because, I don’t know, Brad was like my older brother on the set, and it was kind of like kissing your brother. I had to kiss him on the lips, so it was gross.”

The actress still doesn’t like it.

Kirsten was later asked again if she had enjoyed the kiss, to which she replied, “Yeah, it was gross! I stand by that. It would have been so much creepier if an 11-year-old was like, ‘It was great.’ You’d be like, ‘There’s something wrong with this child.’”

She was treated like a “princess” on set.

Since the movie was an adaptation of Anne Rice’s gothic novel, some things were particularly scary for kids. Kirsten recollects, “The darkness was always balanced out by fart jokes by Brad.” Although some moments were uncomfortable to film, Kirsten says she was treated sweetly, “I was such a princess on that set.”

It might seem like being an actor is all fame and wealth. However, there’s a lot of pressure that often requires strength and confidence. Emilia Clarke also had a similar experience. In this article, the star explains why she would cry before intimate scenes with Jason Momoa.


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