Check Out These 9 Non-Trendy Haircuts Before You Visit a Hairdresser

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Fashion changes every season, and even though it’s impossible always to keep trendy, sometimes it’s worth listening to stylists’ tips about what to do and not do to refresh your look. For example, a new haircut always boosts our self-confidence and makes us look contemporary, but the wrong look could ruin everything.

The Bright Side team constantly keeps an eye on do’s and don’ts to make you feel renewed and modern. Let’s consider what to adopt and avoid when getting your next make-over! Check it out below!

1. The V with layers


The layered cut on the left is outdated. Too many short layers in the front make the chin look V-shaped. And this chin doesn’t make anyone look good.

“The ’V’ is my least favorite request,” admitted Jenna Mast, American stylist. “You’re left with a tail that offers very little style, it’s not sexy, and it doesn’t even have enough length to be versatile. Chop it off!”

Better option:bob or a lob with soft, light layers without a blunt cut. The layers are supposed to make the hair look airy, and they shouldn’t look perfect. If you want your long hair to look fresh, choose a cascade or cut a few short layers of hair near the face and neck. They don’t need to be the same length.

2. Shaved edge

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A while ago, hundreds of trendy girls had shaved edges, and the bravest ones even shaved the entire side of their head, leaving long hair on the other side. “This style only works for rebellious girls that have their own creative style, or girls that are into sports. If a girl looks masculine or has a massive chin (or both), this cut will only make those undesirable features stand out,” American stylist Moulay Yacoubi says. He warns that, to maintain the right shape for this cut, you will need to visit the salon every 4 weeks, and when you’re tired of it, it will take a lot of time and patience to grow back your hair.

Better option: If you want something bold, shave a little hair on the side or the back so the rest of the hair can easily cover the spot. Also, different variations of the pixie cut are still popular today and look great.

3. Reverse mullet

The mullet is a super-popular cut from the ’70s and ’80s where hair is short in the front and on the sides, but long in the back. In early 2000, the reverse mullet became popular: the back of the head and the top were short, and the bangs were long. To get the correct cut, you need a really seasoned and professional hairdresser.

“Shorter cuts are easier to manage if you find the perfect style for your face shape,” says stylist Guy Riggio. “And that can take a lot of trial and error.” The problem with the reverse mullet is that it is unbalanced. “The bangs are far too long, and the spiky top would need a can of hairspray for hold,” says Riggio.

Better option: Pixie and Garçon cuts are still trendy among the short cuts. The bravest girls can try the ultrashort buzz cut. But remember that any short cut opens up the face, highlighting the skin’s condition.

4. The flip

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The flip was famous more than 20 years ago. Spending hours every day to style this haircut is a torturous kind of fun. This cut won’t do anything but add age to your face and give you styling trouble. Besides, you have to have thick, healthy hair to make it look voluminous. Thin hair looks terrible with this haircut.

Better option: “Don’t take the flip too seriously,” says N.Y.C. stylist Kevin Mancuso. “Instead of the ends flying out like Mary Tyler Moore’s, they should barely hint at an upturn.” Also, the shag, or bob, with choppy ends always looks great and modern. Remember: say “no” to too many short layers and “yes” to a natural and soft look."

5. Long bob

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This is not even a haircut. It’s not a bob and, at the same time, not long hair — it’s something in between that has no proper name. These cuts make even the youngest women look old and tedious.

Better option: Talk to your stylist and decide which style you want to get. To make the hair look neat, it must have a defined shape. For example, if you decide to have long hair, choose one of the modern lob styles so that the transition from medium to long length looks beautiful and stylish.

6. Contrast highlights

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"Light streaks visible on the hair are not modern anymore. Hair should look more natural and realistic and the color transitions should be smoother.

Better option: Don’t forget toning to get a more natural color. Modern coloring techniques allow us to get a different light color. For example, balayage looks excellent on cascade cuts, and the babylights procedure means that only a part of the hair is highlighted — and let’s not forget about ombre, which is still popular.

7. Short cut with a tail on the back


This cut is often called the “Carol Brady semi-mullet.” Carol Brady is a character from a show called The Brady Bunch that was popular in the early ’70s. Different variations of this cut were popular for many years, but now that trend is gone. Short hair is about revealing the neck — improving its aesthetic value since this is a beautiful part of the human body. So why cover it with a displaced tail?

Better option: Go short — all the way! Just be sure that the back perimeter is cleaned up. Show off your neck because it is something beautiful to display! So if you’re going for the bob, go for the bob!

8. 2-tone hair color

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“While 2-tone hair color may recall the horrible chunky highlights of the early 2000s, the modern take on this trend is anything but dated: subtle, elegant and stylish,” says Rachel Krause.

Better option: Use one of the modern coloring techniques to make the transition between colors smoother. If you love drawing attention to yourself, go for bright colors.

9. The V

Long hair requires the ends to be cut regularly. It looks strange if your hair is long and sits at an undesired angle — it feels like an attempt to hang onto as much length as possible, while other regions in the hair are shorter for different reasons.

Better option: Cutting several short layers will add volume and motion to the hair if it’s heavy — motionless hair can make women look old. Find a good hairstylist and have them remove the extra heaviness from the right spots. The right cut shouldn’t make your hair look thinner, but instead should make it look softer.

Which hairstyles and types of hair coloring do you prefer? Tell us in the comment section below!

Please note: This article was updated in August 2022 to correct source material and factual inaccuracies.
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Did anyone else notice that all the "non-trendy" hairstyles were from the 2000's?lol

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