Man Calls Out Airline for Making His Pregnant Wife Clean Up Their Child’s Mess

The Internet crowd can be an unpredictable bunch. Sometimes when we turn to it for support, we end up with unexpected backlash. Baseball player Anthony Bass recently took to Twitter to complain about an airline’s treatment of his wife and 2 young daughters.

Bass tweeted that his pregnant wife was made to clean up a popcorn mess made by his youngest daughter while traveling. The tweet went viral, receiving more than 77 million views and 47,000 replies.

Bass didn’t expect so much (negative) attention.

Obviously angry and expecting support, Bass posted a picture and tweeted, ’’Just made my 22-week pregnant wife traveling with a 5-year-old and 2-year-old get on her hands and knees to pick up the popcorn mess by my youngest daughter. Are you kidding me?!?!’’

The reactions were divided.

However, the reactions were mixed, with most commenters criticizing Bass for expecting special treatment and entitled behavior. Others pointed out that pregnancy shouldn’t be an excuse, saying things like, ’’Get over yourself. Pregnant women lift weights, run corporations, work in fields and take care of a lot of things. That small mess shouldn’t be an issue. Take like 2 minutes. Unless of course we’re raising our kids to be entitled, and we expect everyone to wait on us.’’

Even parents of young kids sided with the airline.

A number of parents of small kids pitched in with their parenting tips on how to travel with kids properly and mess-free.

But Bass persisted.

He was adamant that the crew should be responsible for taking care of cleanliness on a flight.

The choice of snacks was also questioned.

Some users pointed out the wrong choice of snacks, to which Bass replied that popcorn was provided by the airline, which didn’t stop people from getting deeper into the argument. ’’Who cares who provided the popcorn? Not the flight attendant’s responsibility to clean up after your child,’’ one person wrote.

But Bass appeared to be unfazed by all the criticism. Instead, he responded with an image of his daughter, the one who made the mess, posing with a bag of popcorn.

Even the airline stepped in.

Finally, the airline reached out to Bass, asking to settle the matter offline. Bass thanked everyone for the support and said he will be looking to solve the issue with the airline directly.


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This guy is disgusting 😑. If his wife handled her parenting responsibilities better she wouldn't have been picking up popcorn off the floor, but since she didn't, she deserved to clean up her child's mess. Him and his wife are exuding two of the worst attitudes that are contributing to the reasons why today's society is as apathetic as it is, entitlement and laziness in parenting. If she had only handed her child a couple pieces of popcorn at a time, to eat, there wouldn't be a mess. If she had supervised her child, there wouldn't have been a mess. There's so many ways that she could have controlled the situation, yet her and her husband think that the problem lies with the airplane attendants. They're sorely wrong. I have a feeling and truly hope that nothing is done to the person who told his lazy wife to parent her child and clean up her mess. Furthermore, if I were his baseball team, I'd have words with him about his public pursuit of the airlines on Twitter, due to his morality clause in his contract, because his claims were frivolous and ridiculous. His behavior is repugnant and if he thinks him and his wife are too good to parent and clean up behind their children, maybe he should hire her a nanny/maid so she doesn't have to do it.


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