Marisa Tomei Turns 58, and Here Are Her 5 Secrets to Aging Gracefully

11 months ago

Known for her Oscar-winning performance in My Cousin Vinny, her role as Aunt May in the Marvel Spider-Man films, and many other movies and TV performances, Marisa Tomei has entertained us for almost 40 years. And as she’s nearing the end of her sixth decade of life while still looking like a 30-year-old, we’ve become curious as to what she’s doing to look as vibrant as ever.

Her main secret for staying youthful is eating healthy.

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She says it’s an inside-out thing, as what you put inside your body is more crucial than what you do to your exterior. “What I eat and how I connect with my body feed my external,” revealed Marisa.

Almost all the time, she tries to eat local, seasonal, and organic foods and does her best to remain relaxed, even when she encounters stressful situations.

She meditates, goes on hikes, and does yoga occasionally.

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Moving meditation allows Tomei to feel at home in her own skin. It helps her on a mental, spiritual, and physical level. She still goes on hikes and does calisthenics and yoga too, but she firmly believes that how these exercises affect her inner self is the cornerstone of it all.

Tomei uses infrared saunas for detoxing.


Tomei explained that infrared saunas heat up the body from the inside out and make you feel lighter and more energized. They also help eliminate the poison “lurking” in your body, especially when you have to take medications or have a lot of sugar, and they are also great for the skin.

Another one of her secrets for glowing skin is using a dry round brush before showering.

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Tomei practices an ancient Ayurvedic routine, which includes brushing the skin gently in the direction of her heart. This makes the skin smooth and keeps the lymph glands moving.

And most importantly, she listens to what her body wants.

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Tomei doesn’t believe in tricks or even routines. She listens to her body’s needs and follows them. And at the end of the day, she simply tries to keep it together like everybody else.

Do you have any secrets for aging well? Let us know in the comments!

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